New Feature To Make Instagram Consume Less Data

Every day a new feature for Instagram is emerging. Perhaps the most frequently updated and renew yourself social media app Instagram.

New Feature To Make Instagram

New Feature to Make Instagram Consume Less Data

The latest feature is very important for users who can’t stay connected to a lot of Wi-fi networks. The new feature, which will be available to all Instagram users in a short time, protects your mobile internet.

Instagram data saving

Instagram’s new feature has been added to the settings section and is expected to be available to all users soon. Now there are 3 alternatives in Instagram installation options.

Added mobile data settings option to Settings, a new media upload option. With this feature, while using mobile data will be able to upload images faster and will use less Mobile Internet.

To use, turn on mobile data saving mode in mobile data settings and access the high definition media settings in the same location.

When you select Never in this section, no high-resolution version of any media will be loaded with mobile data, and videos will not start automatically, even if silent.

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