Not Dreaming To Throw ‘Tweet’ Without The Internet

Twitter, one of the most important communication platforms in the world, has signed a new innovation that can be tweeted without internet connection. Twitter collaborated with a Singaporean company for new technology.

Not dreaming to throw 'tweet' without the Internet
Not dreaming to throw ‘tweet’ without the Internet

Not dreaming to throw ‘tweet’ without the Internet

Twitter, the social networking site, has rolled up its sleeves to make it a part of the network for people who don’t have internet access worldwide. Without internet access, mobile phones may be able to ‘tweet’ and browse the ‘Trending Topic’ list.


Providing users with the ability to send messages of up to 140 characters, Twitter has collaborated with a Singapore-based company to provide this ability of entry-level ‘mindless phones’ and ‘smartphones’.


The service offered by U2opia Mobile uses a special protocol called USSD on the phones. Only text-based communication is performed with this protocol. It is not possible to share photos, videos and graphics.

In order to use this service, users need to dial a special number and take action from the next menu. The company’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder Sumesh Menon announced that they will launch the service in the first quarter of next year.


U2opia Mobile had a similar agreement with Google and Facebook. Thanks to the service provided by the company, approximately 11 million users, most of whom live in Asian and African countries, can access social networks without internet connection.

In the service called Fonetwish, U2opia Mobile works with the social networks revenue sharing model.


U2opia Mobile receives about 30-40 percent of the price that mobile phone users pay to their operators. Twitter has about 230 million users. The market value of the company, which made the initial public offering, reached approximately $ 25 billion.

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