Online Marketing Tools For A Better SEO Strategy

Online marketing tools are indispensable in the lives of online marketers. In an era where online is indispensable, as an entrepreneur it is important that you go along with this.

An advantage of the era that is shifting from offline to online is that results can be measured and online marketing tools make measuring them a lot easier.

Online marketing tools for a better SEO strategy
Online marketing tools for a better SEO strategy

There are endless tools that can help you with this, but which are really the best? Techness has listed the best online marketing tools for you! How do they work, what can you use them for and especially why are they indispensable for a better SEO strategy?

What are the best online marketing tools for a better SEO strategy?

The best online marketing tools number 1: Buzzsumo

The first Internet marketing tip from Techness is the Buzzsumo tool. Millions of feeds, blogs, videos and more are published every day. It is therefore important that the content you write also stands out.

To be able to do this, it is important to gain insight into the most popular content in your industry – exactly what Buzzsumo does. Buzzsumo is a search engine for viral content and influencers, so you know exactly which posts do well in the industry and which you can use well!

What can the Buzzsumo tool do?

  • You can see which articles, posts, videos and infographics about a certain topic are most shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • You can find out which articles per domain are most shared
  • You can use the tool to make competitive analysis
  • You can identify influencers by subject

What makes this tool so awesome? The Buzzsumo information can be used for different purposes. For example, it can be used for content analysis, inspiration for good titles, finding relevant content to share or for identifying influencers in the industry you are in.

The best online marketing tools number 2: Survey Monkey

The second internet marketing tip is the Survey Monkey tool. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you discover trends, test customer satisfaction and gather other insights about your company.

With this information you can respond better to your target group and that determines your success. Survey Monkey helps you with this. Survey Monkey is a tool with which you can easily conduct online surveys.

What can the Survey Monkey tool do?

  • Create online surveys for market research with more than 15 question types where you can use your own logo and / or brand.
  • The Survey Monkey tool also has an application available – so you can view the results of your research anywhere.
  • The surveys can be accessed via mobile, web or social media are sent
  • The results of the survey can be processed in a customized report or downloaded as a table

What makes the tool awesome? The ease of use of the tool in particular makes it immensely popular. In just a few minutes you have devised, designed and published a beautiful survey. Highly recommended if you want to research trends, your target group or other aspects of your company.

The best online marketing tools number 3: SimilairWeb

The third internet marketing tip is the SimiliarWeb tool. As an entrepreneur it is important that you have insight into your competitors. How much website traffic does the competitor get and how many links does the competitor have? These are questions that the SimiliarWeb can answer.

The tool compares two websites with each other and can see where the best is scored. To map this out, the tool looks at direct traffic, referring domains (links), organic keywords and popular pages, among other things.

What can the SimilarWeb tool do?

  • Insight into the traffic of the website. The tool looks at general visits, time of stay on the site, bounce rate and the pages viewed per visit
  • Finding organic and paid keywords. This way you can see how much traffic certain keywords generate.
  • Insight into the interests of the target group. The tool looks at other websites that were visited after the session on your website. This way you can discover new target groups.
  • Provides insight into the most popular and trending pages of the websites.
  • The tool can be used for both web and app.

What makes the tool awesome? The fact that the tool shows a lot of information from your competitor makes the tool indispensable. By being in possession of information about your competitors you can better respond to the market.

What does the competitor do well where you still have room for improvement at the moment? Which pages are visited a lot and can you possibly do something with this? These types of questions are all answered with SimiliarWeb.

The best online marketing tools number 4: Ahrefs

The fourth internet marketing tip is the Ahrefs tool. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you have insight into your website and monitor it in order to follow the performance.

With the tool you can measure various aspects of your website such as the number of backlinks to your website, an analysis of your written content, the position of your website in the search engines and it can even inspire new topics and content. All in all a handy tool that we also use at Techness.

What can the tool Ahrefs do?

  • Analyzing your own and other websites for backlinks. How many links are there, where do they come from and where do they link?
  • Analyzing the content of a website. For example, the tool displays the most popular articles, posts and websites that are found based on your search query.
  • Checking the position. The tool looks at the positions of the competition and the keyword position of the competitors.
  • The tool informs you of SEO problems on your website so that you can optimize them even better.

What makes the tool awesome? For anyone who is a bit familiar with online marketing, know that link building is an important part of your website ranking. This means that it is important that worthy websites refer to your website through a link. In this way, search engines see that you have built up a worthy website.

Ahrefs gives you insight into the backlinks of your competitors – so you can ensure that these links also refer to you, thereby improving your ranking position in search engines.

The best online marketing tools number 5: Sistrix

The fifth internet marketing tip is the tool: Sistrix. A globally recognized performance indicator for help with SEO success. The tool makes it possible to keep track of your ranking based on keywords.

This way you can see in the tool whether your ranking position in Google has increased or decreased, what has been the highest position achieved and whether you can expect a lot (or little) competition with the keyword.

What can the Sistrix tool do?

  • Enter keywords that are monitored on a weekly basis
  • Determine competition on keywords
  • Keep track of keyword ranking in search engines
  • Provides graphical insight into how many keywords rank your website in the top 10

What makes the tool awesome? Keywords are indispensable for SEO. It is important that you use the correct keywords and that you naturally rank on them. This tool makes it possible to gain insight into the keywords that you use and their status – so you always ensure that you use the correct keywords that contribute to your ranking in search engines.

The best online marketing tools number 6: Moz

The last internet marketing tip that Techness wants to give is: Moz. This is an SEO toolset that has almost everything: keyword research, link building, on-site audits and page insights. All in all, it ensures that you have insight into your ranking in Google and how this can be improved.

In addition to the Moz tool, Moz is also known for its valuable blogs. Every day information appears on the Moz website with knowledge about SEO that you should not miss.

What can the Moz tool do?

  • Global rank tracking. Every week the keywords you enter are analyzed by different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo in more than 200 countries.
  • Competitors rank tracking. See through the tool who your top competitors are and compare the ranking performance.
  • Local ranking. You can track geo-targeted keywords at national, city and neighborhood level.
  • Mobile ranking. With the tool you can keep track of the ranking of both mobile and desktop.

All in all a lot of online marketing tools that can contribute to the SEO success of your company or company. The tools not only provide insight into the competitors and your own company.

They also ensure that you know how the keywords you use look like. And at Techness we know that the ‘keywords’ are the ‘key’ to success for a first page ranking in Google.

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