Port Of USB 4 Will Arrive Soon On Our Computers

The arrival of Port of USB 4 is coming soon, and the latter is largely competing with the total lack of USB ports on computers. We take stock of the situation. If the USB seems so obvious today in terms of connectivity, it is however from a long and risky history.

Port Of USB 4 Will Arrive Soon On Our Computers
Port Of USB 4 Will Arrive Soon On Our Computers

Port Of USB 4 Will Arrive Soon On Our Computers

In the 90s, and more precisely in 1996, Intel launches the new standard of connectivity. In order to homogenize the offer offered by various manufacturers, is created the USB-IF (USB Implementer Forum) , whose mission is to authorize or not the marketing of a product using USB connectivity.

A short history tour on the notion of USB

Many USB standards have emerged. The USB 1, which we knew at the end of the 90s, did not offer sufficient speed, but at a time when many computers could still read diskettes, it must be said that the USB was a revolution.

The USB 2 “highspeed” was a revolution in the year 2000. At the time, remember, the fashion was USB MP3 players, which allowed to listen to music through a small rechargeable device by its USB connection.

The USB 3 Super speed , arrived in 2011, has only increased the speed of transfer of files between a PC and an external device. Mostly identified by a small blue port on the computer, a USB drive 3 generally equips all terminals .

USB 4 arrives on our PCs

USB is not ready to die on our computers because it brings many benefits to users. Available at low cost, the USB takes no place and can receive a very large number of different devices through suitable extensions. The bandwidth linked to the USB port is indeed divided between the connected devices, which makes this type of reader perfectly extensible.

USB 4 should be a mix between the homogeneity of existing technologies and increased performance. The latter will combine Thunderbolt and USB-C, and increase the transfer speed to 40 Gbps.

In parallel with this news, Windows announced that users who wanted to remove their USB key from the computer would see it simplify the task. The “Safely Remove Hardware” option will be no longer enabled by default.

The competition of … the absence of reader

If USB is present on a large majority of terminals at the moment, the technology is competing with everything else: online storage. The diversification of the cloud and new storage means that the user no longer needs to connect a USB stick or an external hard drive to his computer to store his files.

Similarly, new cast and live views allow you to transfer video from your smartphone without difficulty. It is no longer necessary today to bet on USB ports faster.

In recent years, we have seen the disappearance of CD players on computers, in favor of a better network and improvement of USB technology. Why not consider, in the years to come, a disappearance of USB to achieve an all-cloud?

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