PUBGB Mobile Season 7 will soon be over in the next few days. Adjacent to the launch of PUBG Mobile Season 8, a number of leaks regarding this mobile game update have surfaced on the internet.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Will Present New Features, Themes and Weapons
PUBG Mobile Season 8 Will Present New Features, Themes and Weapons

On a season later, PUBG Mobile will present a number of features, themes, weapons, emote , gift, up to the latest avatar profile.

This leak appears in the form of a video published on the YouTube channel of Mr. Ghost Gaming. The owner of the YouTube channel is indeed quite often revealed a number of details regarding the update of various game titles ahead of the launch.

According to the video, the update of the Mobile version 0.13.4 PUBG game will present the theme of the ocean aka Ocean with the octopus tentacle logo for the theme.

The video also revealed that the royal pass on PUBG Mobile Season 8 Elite Plus can be purchased at a price of 1,800 UC, and will provide an increase of 25 rank , which is equivalent to 2,500UC for players.

Elite Mission

Along with the updates, pass will also make it easy for customers to access Elite Mission, skin weapons for QBZ, and prizes up to 100BP.

In addition, Elite Pass buyers will also get Urban Scavenger bag skin , plus an exclusive Military Operation avatar.

Ranking upgrades for the Royal Pass will likely bring 75BP prizes to players, including new costumes, Bronze Armor Shark’s Bite, and others.

Skin for Weapon

In Season 8, users will also have the opportunity to get a new type of weapon, the PP bison gun along with a number of skins .

For example blue skin for DP28 and Scarlet Horror for Scar-L type weapons and others.

Unfortunately, until now, Tencent Games as the game’s publisher hasn’t revealed when the PUBG Season 8 update launch date .

For emote , PUBG Mobile will also present the latest two emotes namely Triumphant Victory and Spawn Line Dance for Season 8.


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