“Safely Remove the Device”: It’s Almost Over In Window 10

The update of Windows 10 to the 1809 version of the OS will bring a big advance in USB device. It will no longer be necessary to “safely remove the device” before disconnecting the USB flash drive. Nevertheless, this option has a cost in terms of performance.

"Safely Remove the Device": It's Almost Over In Window 10
“Safely Remove the Device”: It’s Almost Over In Window 10

“Safely Remove the Device”: It’s Almost Over In Window 10

If you are working on your computer with removable devices, such as a USB flash drive, then you need to know the ripping procedure. After clicking on the corresponding icon in the taskbar, click on “remove device safely” to be able to disconnect the USB key. Without following the procedure, the data stored on the key may be lost.

Urban legend or real danger for the data stored on a USB key?

In fact, despite this security procedure when ejecting a removable element, the users were mostly satisfied to simply remove the USB key from the computer, fixed or portable. The risk is great though: losing all the data on the USB device.

Some users have believed for many years that this is an urban legend. Others, for their part, take the risk, believing that the risk of losing everything is low enough not to waste time making two clicks.

Yet, this is not a legend. On all computers, the files on the USB drive are cached to provide faster transfers. However, this option requires you to disconnect the device from the computer before physically ejecting it, otherwise the constant link between the two risks of altering the data on the USB key.

The quick removal option enabled by default on the new version of Windows 10

When upgrading to version 1809 of Windows 10, the Quick Removal option will be enabled by default. This means that it will be possible to remove your USB key at any time, without respecting any security procedure.

The USB device may be removed at any time, although it is not recommended to eject it physically during file transfer. In fact, removing a USB key from your computer should not take as much time as before, which will always save users a few seconds.

Longer file transfer than before on Windows 10

This Quick Removal option, however, has a cost: time. If the user can save a few seconds when removing the USB key from the computer, file transfers will be longer.

It is indeed with the absence of caching of the data contained on the USB key that the duration of the transfer will be longer. It is therefore not certain that the Quick Removal option really brings benefits when working repeatedly on a USB key.

It remains possible to return to the old system

In fact, the Quick Removal option that will be available on Windows 10 will only be enabled by default. This means that if users want it, they can go back to the old system. The files will then be transferred more quickly, but it will be necessary to apply the traditional procedure of ejecting the USB device.

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