How To Do Screen Sharing of a Smartphone And Computer?

Screen Sharing of a Smartphone: Whether you need to share a business presentation remotely or want to troubleshoot a friend or relative, here are 2 apps to share the screen of your computer or smartphone

Screen Sharing of a Smartphone And Computer
How To Do Screen Sharing of a Smartphone And Computer?

You probably know that Google Duo , the video call application, has been the subject of many updates. It briefly allowed users to share their screens, but subject to several bugs, it was quickly suspended. Now, this screen sharing feature is no longer available.

So, while waiting for her to be reinstated, take a look at our 2 alternatives.

Screen Sharing of a Smartphone with is a free desktop and mobile application (Android and iOS) for business use, but it’s just as effective if you want to teach your mother how to send photos via Whatsapp.

Share the screen of a computer or smartphone with Zoom Cloud Meetings Zoom , again, is designed for work teams that need to collaborate remotely.

This is another free and cloud-based alternative, with which you can send instant messages, share files, and your screen. This app is used on both smartphone (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

There are also paid subscriptions, if you want to take advantage of more features or if you want to increase the number of participants.

Download, open the application and select one of the suggested options (Join Meeting and Schedule Meeting).

Create your account, follow the steps on your screen, and once configured you can start your meeting via a custom link or a one-time code.

The screen sharing does not start immediately, for this you have to click on the screen sharing icon (bottom right) which warns you that your entire screen will be shared with the participants. That’s it !

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