SEO: Doesn’t Your Site Appear In The Search Engine?

Hello, we begin to make a long-lasting seo series with this article. You can do a lot of things about Seo on your own. Therefore, we will try to convey the issue in a very simple way.

We’ll move from topic to topic. Of course, among the topics you can find your own problem or solution.

SEO: Doesn’t Your Site Appear in the Search Engine?

In our first article, we will briefly discuss the reasons and solutions of your site not appearing on the search engine, that is, Google. All that will be written in this series are Google Referral and solution suggestions. It’s not a personal idea.

If your site is not well connected with other websites

Your site may not appear on the Google search engine. Because this problem makes it difficult for Google bots to crawl your site.

That is, if a link from your site is properly located on another site that is regularly crawled by Google, your site is crawled for the search engine.

The bot that sees the link there goes to your site. Therefore backlink is important (we will mention later). Therefore, if your site is new, you will encounter the same problem.

Heavy sites are difficult to crawl

This means that sites that are not well-optimized cannot show the site they are having difficulty in entering and crawling in the search results when they are already in the background of Google.

Site optimization is a completely different topic.

You can only use the Google Page Insight page to see if this is your problem. This page will also help you in optimization.

Google bot can detect an error

Your site may not be crawled again and may not show up in Google search results due to server errors, design errors, or errors entirely caused by Google itself.

It doesn’t have to happen all along. You’ve entered new content, and although time has passed, your content may not appear in Google search results.

This may be an error caused by your site. Check if your server is active. It is important to use the best and high performance server.

Make sure you’re not blocking Google Bot. Set your Robots.txt file properly. Blocking Google Bot here may cause your site not to be crawled.

Your content may block browsing

How does that happen? Although a search contrary to the policies of the search engine’s content appears in the search engine in the first place, Google will remove your link from the search engine upon notice or complaint.

In general, this is done on an application for illegal shares.

These may be the main reasons why your site is not listed in the Google search engine. You can follow our other articles and make your seo in the simplest form with solution suggestions.

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