Free web applications that you can use in any operating system

Web Applications: If something is currently left over, these are services and applications that can be accessed simply by using the browser , and although there are always those who prefer the experience of a native application , the reality is that modern browsers are so powerful that they can even run full operating systems of a few years ago.

Some great free web applications that you can use in any operating system
Some great free web applications that you can use in any operating system

Free web applications that you can use in any operating system

Another advantage of webapps is that they are agnostic in terms of platform and we can use them in Windows, Linux and macOS equally (sometimes even in Android or iOS), hence many developers prefer to create their apps for the web to support to more users and having to invest less time and resources.

Sure you already know and use many web applications, but there are never any new recommendations, and today we are going to tell you about 15 apps for the browser that are great and completely free.

Office Online

The vast majority of people are widely familiar with Google Docs and the Google office tools available from the web, but interestingly, many less are aware that the Office of Microsoft has an online version and completely free .

Office Online gives you access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online , in addition to this you have the Sway alternative to create presentations with style without the complications of PowerPoint, and everything synchronized with your Microsoft account, your OneDrive files, your OneNote notes , and your Windows 10 contacts and calendars.

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De Graphite we spoke before in Genbeta, it is an alternative to Google Docs, decentralized and based on blockchain. This means that if you use this app your documents will never be stored on the servers of a company like Google or Microsoft.

The service is not as complete as those of these large companies, but you have apps for documents, spreadsheets, file vaults and contacts directly from the browser.

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Brush Ninja

Brush Ninja is an app to create hand drawn animations , it is extremely easy to use , it is free, and it allows you to use the mouse or a stylus to draw and add up to 1000 frames for each animation that you can export in GIF format.

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Fotor is a powerful online image editor with multiple advanced options, effects, filters, frames, stickers, automatic correction and enhancement, and some design options like text. It supports images in high resolution, and even allows you to create HDR photos.

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Draw Chat

If you are looking for a collaborative blackboard , free, without registers and that also offers chat and video calls, try Draw Chat. This app allows you to draw freely or on other images, annotate PDF files, and even create directions on a map.

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