The Ad Blocker Will Now Be Activated In Google Chrome

The Google Chrome ad blocker has been available in North America and Europe for a year now. Google plans to expand it to the world this year.

The Ad Blocker Will now be activated In Google Chrome
The Ad Blocker Will now be activated In Google Chrome

The Ad Blocker Will now be activated In Google Chrome

Google continues its fight against abusive advertising on the internet. Last year, the web giant took the initiative to integrate a blocker of ads on its Chrome browser. Its goal is to prevent users from using extensions like AdBlock Plus.

These are certainly effective in suppressing often invasive ads. But it must be remembered that the company holds a good part of its revenues from these advertisements. In order not to put its economic model in jeopardy and at the same time meet the needs of Internet users, the Mountain View company has thus preferred to launch its own tool to block advertisements.

When it was launched a year ago, this blocker was only available in North America and Europe. But Google intends to deploy it worldwide this year.

Google will remove bad ads on Chrome

How do you know if an ad is good or bad? This is a question that could be asked by reading this information. And for that, Google uses the standards put in place by the Coalition for Better Ads.

It brings together various web players, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. This year, the coalition will “extend its initial standards beyond North America and Europe to cover all the countries of the world”. Google is therefore only following the movement and is preparing the extension of its ad blocker for 09 July.

Is this initiative good or bad for the firm or not? It can not be said for the moment. But Google says the results so far are promising.

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