Keyword Research | The Basis of Every SEO Strategy

Keyword Research: When you start a keyword search, the question probably comes to mind: which keywords make my website or webpage appear high in the search results? To find out, you must first ask yourself which keywords people use in your bussines to find your product or service.

The basis of every SEO strategy: keyword research
The basis of every SEO strategy: keyword research

The Basis of Every SEO Strategy | Keyword Research

You can no longer write content that uses the terms of specific products and services that you are familiar with. You must discover how potential customers look for your bussines and what terms they use.

A little help with this is handy and there are more than enough (free) keyword research tools that can help you with that. If you think that Google has the sole right to a good keyword tool, then you are wrong!

Keyword ideas for your keyword research

When you start researching the perfect keywords, low competition and high search volume, you can certainly use a little extra inspiration. Enough keyword research tools that can give you ideas. You can find them below!

Google Trends

The keyword research tool gives you a selection of popular keywords that match your keyword. Of course based on the latest trends. Graphs show you the changes in trends based on country or city where the keyword is being searched for.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner can help you with ideas for new keywords, including search volume and competition. You need a Google Adwords account to use this keyword research tool, but you can create an Adwords account for free.

Originally the keyword research tool was developed to optimize Adwords campaigns, but now you can use the Keyword Planner for your keyword research for organic search.

Bing Webmaster Tools

This keyword research tool also helps you with ideas, with additional options: you can set the country and language. Keyword volume, trends and CPC / Bid data appear based on the data from the Bing search engine of the past 6 months.

In addition, you can analyze the keywords that you already use with this tool. CTR, average position in Bing and the number of clicks.

The unpaid version of this tool gives you ideas for unique keywords. You can choose different options for keyword analysis: Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and the App Store. The keyword ideas contain the keyword that you enter.

The keyword research tool can also be used for international campaigns, because you can select local Google domains.


The tool helps you to make a list of keywords based on suggestions that Google makes when you Google a keyword. Ideal for your keyword research. You can indicate the type (website, images) and country and a list of related keywords will appear.

You can download or copy and paste it. Tip: Check the keywords in the Keyword Planner so that you know for sure which keywords are worth investing in.

Keyword analysis of used keywords

The next step of your keyword analysis is analyzing how your current keywords are and that of the competitor. The tools that you can use for this can be found below.

Google Search Console

The ‘search analytics’ option, under ‘search traffic’, provides insight into the keywords on which your page is already ranking in Google. Based on the last 90 days. You can filter the results for your keyword analysis on queries, pages, countries and devices, among other things.

Filtering results for countries can be very useful for websites that operate in multiple countries. If you want to specify the results for a specific term, it is useful to use the ‘queries’ option. For example when you want the keywords to contain “SEO”.

The graph above the results shows you whether the number of clicks and the position of keywords have improved, super useful for your keyword analysis!

WooRank Advanced Review

You can use the data in this tool to find the keywords that your pages already rank on. You can optimize content on your pages with these keywords in mind. The tool also gives you the option to check your position in Google based on location, so you can easily track your progress.

SEMrush You can gain

Insight into paid and organic traffic from your own website and the websites of competitors via this tool. Which keywords are scored well in the organic search traffic and what the Adwords campaign looks like can all be seen in this keyword analysis. You can download these results in Excel.

However, the free tool from SEMrush works with a number of limitations. Optimal use of the tool is only possible with the paid version of the tool. KeywordSpy.

You can analyze your competitors on the basis of keywords with this tool. You can try the keyword research tool for free, but you have to pay after the trial period.

You can find out which keywords your competitors use on their website, but also in the Adwords campaigns, Bing Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.


The tool is similar to SEMrush and displays used keywords and results from Adwords campaigns. So also from your competitors!

The tool keeps track of which search terms are scored highly. You can use the keyword analysis tool for free during the trial period, after which you will have to pay.

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