The Best Alternatives to Google AdSense

Best alternatives to Google AdSense: Currently, Google plays the lion king role in the jungle of the Internet without question. Once upon a time there was the saying “all roads lead to Rome”; now, given its undisputed leadership among search engines.

The best alternatives to Google AdSense
The Best Alternatives to Google AdSense

The Best Alternatives to Google AdSense

This does not only apply from the point of view of the EES regarding the origin of visitors, but also concerns the possibilities of advertising revenue.

In fact, in the CPC area too, Google occupies a rather advanced position thanks to its AdSense service: this is in fact the most known and loved platform for offering free advertising space on its web page in a fruitful way.

Nevertheless there are also valid alternatives to Google AdSense, because it is not unusual for website managers, due to Google’s strict conditions, to be discouraged from using this program. Searching for an alternative source of income is therefore a completely reasonable decision, and the market offers several interesting offers.

“Affiliate” programs of eBay and Amazon

Basically, any website manager can make their own ad placement page available. In order for the available advertising space to be adequately paid, a digitally measurable size is required . For this reason the CPC ( Cost Per Click ) has been established as a common unit of measurement, above all because the click tracking on web pages is very easy to install.

The page manager gets a commission from the advertiser for each click on the product placed on the page.

The costs per click are different and depend on numerous variables. For advertisers, the quality of the page on which the advertisement appears is important, and above all its range of action . The nature of the advertising medium is also decisive, as is the positioning on the web page.

For publishers, in addition to the quality and range of their website, CTR ( Click Through Rate ) is also a fundamental factor in determining remuneration. In addition, the relevance of their content also plays a role for the proposed ads. The amount of CPC is established by both the publisher and the advertiser.

Unlike the classic affiliate marketing, for CPC models it is only the click on the advertising medium that decides, regardless of whether the user orders or not. Some providers also calculate the CPM ( Cost Per Mille ), so we focus exclusively on Ad Impressions , or impressions, which are views by users.

Moreover, more and more often large programs change from a pay per click or CPM to a percentage commission in case of actual purchase . In this case, the publisher is then only paid if the advertiser earns money through advertisements, for example with 10% of the entire cart.

Google AdSense

Web page managers sign up for Google AdSense if they want to make money through advertisements in the form of banners or links. The calculation is carried out according to the CPC principle , therefore based on commissions for clicks on the relevant advertisements; adverts are usually related to the context.

Google AdSense is considered to be one of the largest and most popular CPC offers. Often we also talk about a complementary program to Google AdWords ; the latter is interesting for online stores and service providers, AdSense is interesting for website and blog managers.

As far as AdWords is concerned, advertisers invest in online advertising. As a Google AdSense partner, you get a portion of the revenue that the AdWords customer gives Google for its online advertising.

Current advertising forms are classic text and banner ads . However, AdSense ads are available on apps and web pages for mobile devices. For some time now, with Interactive Media Ads, the offer is also available for games and videos.

On AdSense it is possible to adapt the announcements chromatically and graphically, as well as personally choose on which pages the advertisement should appear. A maximum of three banners and two link blocks can be placed on content pages. The cost limit is around 70 euros.

An important aspect of Google AdSense is covered by the quality guidelines . Google still examines before accepting in the AdSense program. A total of 13 content and technical factors are relevant. It is of fundamental importance that the pages do not have contents that are dangerous for minors, pornographic, or that they prey to violence; also the trade of tobacco, alcohol or weapons are grounds for expulsion.

Recurring reasons for closing the account are copyright infringement and the alleged scam of the number of clicks. Google inspects participants regularly, so an exclusion from the program is always possible.

An overview of best alternatives to Google AdSense

Being the largest advertising network in the world, he said Google AdSense manages to reach 80% of total Internet users. This is also why it remains the first choice of many online publishers. As mentioned above, however, it may happen at any time that the account is closed.

There are also alternatives to Google AdSense on the European territory, for example in Germany, but the offer is in reduced proportion , if for example it is compared with the reality of the United States. We have combined the alternatives to Google AdSense and present them briefly.


LinkWeLove is a content marketing and native advertising platform , or when sponsored content is found within the content offered on the site, which helps promote content that would otherwise not receive the same number of visits.

LWL is based on the principle of content recommendation , a tool through which boxes are inserted in the website with topics similar to the content of the page; the texts are therefore not invasive and may even be of interest to the reader.

External links are endowed with the “nofollow” attribute which ensures that you do not run the risk of being penalized by search engines.

The service has already brought together over 300 Italian publishers, its installation is simple and takes place via a WordPress widget that can be used immediately.

The LWL site interface is at the forefront and the speed of updates is high; however, only visitors’ numbers are provided, without any further details that could be useful instead.

For each person who clicks you will get approximately 8 cents, and the CTR varies from 2 to 5% depending on the type of integration. There is also the possibility of activating the combination with AdSense, thus earning good receipts. However, the minimum payout price is around 100 euros, which could disadvantage site managers with few daily visitors.


Payclick is a Web Advertising network that operates on the Italian market since 2006. Payclick offers a wide variety of solutions, represented by Display and DEM ( Direct E-Mail Marketing ) activities based on different remuneration models (CPC, CPL, CPM).

Thanks to the innovative technology it uses, the platform always ensures traffic optimization and adequate monetization ; moreover the implementation of the code is very simple.

Those who have much visited channels then have the opportunity to access a premium channel, containing the best campaigns on the market.

A great advantage of Payclick lies in the free option between banners per click and banners per impression, depending on the frequency of visits; in this way the saving is considerable.

On the other hand, however, there are some disadvantages: in fact, every day new advertising campaigns are inserted and so the user is forced to exclude each time those he is not interested in to avoid wasting clicks or impressions.

Furthermore, although only banners are chosen for impressions, banners per click will appear, even if in smaller quantities.


BuySellAds is an advertising platform in English now widespread in Italy; it allows you to buy or sell advertising space, tweets and impressions, guaranteeing high security and very simple use.

The service offers solutions for every area: the subdivision of sites into tabs gives an overview of the proposals and the corresponding data such as quantity of impressions, fixed banner prices depending on the size, and above all, the monthly number of visitors.

The transaction is then managed by BuySellAds, which requires a commission of 25% and allows for a forecast of earning.

The user is guaranteed complete control over the banners and the possibility to choose which ones best fit the needs of his site, both in terms of content and size. On the other hand, however, the banners cannot be changed throughout the month, while in Google AdSense they change according to the keywords entered by the user; moreover, the sale price of the banners must be adjusted to be always competitive.

Finally, the platform is intended for those sites that have at least 50,000 monthly visits. Best alternatives to Google Adsense.

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