The Importance Of SSL Certificates For Online Stores

SSL certificates are not new in the online environment, but they were brought to the fore when Google announced that it will mark explicitly websites not valid SSL certificate installed.

The importance of SSL certificates for online stores
The importance of SSL certificates for online stores

The importance of SSL certificates for online stores

But let’s try to point out the advantages of an SSL certificate beyond the obvious “search engine friendly” and see what their advantages are for online retailers.

What is an SSL certificate and what does it use?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are used to secure the exchange of information when they are placed on the Internet, the presence of an SSL certificate when accessing a website ensures that the data entered on that website is encrypted before it is transmitted.

Information encrypted via SSL can be decoded only by the server it is intended for, ensuring that they can not be stolen or modified.

In addition to personal and card data, users are protected by passwords, electronic mail (emails), or conversations.

The presence of the web address starting with https: // and the green tag with the security icon in the browser address bar validates the existence of an SSL certificate that has been installed on the website.

With regard to how to purchase and install SSL certificates for online stores, the simplest thing is that the certificate is purchased from the hosting provider, while most e-commerce platforms on which online stores are built have either specialized modules either sections with specific settings for easy installation of an earlier SSL certificate. Another way to get a free SSL certificate is through Let’s Encrypt.

What are the advantages of SSL certificates for online stores?

Advantage of secure data entered by users on the website, to install an SSL certificate online shops benefit from a higher degree of confidence that users have towards the brand and website.

Customer trust will ultimately translate into their willingness to complete orders with confidence, pay using online payment methods (debit or credit card, PayPal, etc.) and last but not least to return to the website to place other commands.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, online stores that have SSL certificates installed will appear in search results before those who do not have such a certificate, so they will be more comfortable with search engines .

Another benefit of having an SSL certificate is that browsers browse the site without any problems . Often, the absence of the SSL certificate on the website causes the browser to ask the user to confirm that they are browsing a website that is “not safe”, which often causes customers to stop accessing the store.

Online stores that have SSL certificates installed will have an edge over direct competitors who have not yet taken steps to install such a certificate.

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