The New Windows 10 Terminal Available In Beta

Windows 10 continues to be updated, sometimes to fix security flaws and bugs, sometimes to integrate new features. Today, the terminal is in the spotlight.

The new Windows 10 terminal available in beta
The New Windows 10 Terminal Available In Beta

Microsoft has just released in beta its new Terminal , simply called Windows Terminal, through its app store. If you install it, you’ll have a much more powerful and ergonomic command line tool.

The new Windows 10 Terminal available in beta

This new version brings Command Prompt, PowerShell and Linux features together in one place, with tabs, a hardware-accelerated text display engine, and advanced customization.

What delight the many users who were tired of the bottom all black and austere of the termina until today.

Some more bugs and missing features

Be careful though. Do not throw in the trash this good old terminal. The new version still contains “many ergonomic problems”.

One feature in particular is still completely absent, it is the assistance. In other words, you prefer to wait for the first stable version before using it for work, among others.

Still, it is always nice to be able to discover a new version. Users who have been waiting a long time for the new terminal should be delighted.

Microsoft has just made available this beta, no one knows when the first stable version will be available. To be continued !

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