Recently, it has been discovered that some apps can track our position and even secretly take pictures and videos. But, it is only if we allowed them to have access to the camera and the location. That’s not all. Felix Krause has found a flaw that allows an application to steal the password of your Apple ID.

To steal the password of your Apple ID, the application can mimic the password dialog that Apple sends us, sometimes to access the iTunes Store, to activate Photo Stream, and so on. This dialog, (see photo above), is similar to that of Apple. Can not differentiate them from a single view.

Once you have entered your password, the application gets it immediately and can use it for bad purposes. But do not worry. Because there is a way to know if the dialog comes from Apple or an application of bad faith.

Apple ID: Prevent apps from stealing your password

There are two ways to avoid this:

First possibility
Whenever you see a dialog box asking for your password, press the home button . If the application exits and the dialog box disappears, it was a fake dialog box. However, if the dialog box is actually from Apple, it will remain on the screen until you log in or press the Cancel button .

Second possibility
Enable two-factor identification for your Apple ID. Once activated, your Apple ID will be a little more secure. Even if someone knows your Apple ID password, they will not be able to access your account without your permission.

To enable two-factor identification, go to Settings > Apple ID > Password and Security .


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