Tips for overcoming duplicate content in new articles

If you are an active blogger then as a blogger we will be faced with quality content , many of bloggers are confused with the quality of content on their blogs.

Tips for overcoming duplicate content in new articles
Tips for overcoming duplicate content in new articles

Many bloggers do not understand how Google evaluates the quality of articles that we make and presents to readers, almost on average bloggers write content that they present without going through tools that can signal the level of quality of articles that are being created.

Keep in mind that if we really want to focus on competing on Google, we need to know how Google evaluates the articles or news that we make so that they can appear on page 1 of Google.

Tips for overcoming duplicate content in new articles


The thing that will be a scourge that is very scary for bloggers when they start writing article content is duplicate content with other blogs or portals.

Duplicate content is generally divided into two parts, namely duplicate website internal content and duplicate external website content.

Duplicate content in Google means that we will make the article that we create will be affected by the Panda algorithm, technically duplicate content will make the article that we create thrown into the backyard of Google, because duplicate external content makes the article we make read by Google into an article that is not fresh and not unique, while the standardization of good quality articles is the article Fresh and Unique.

Okay then I will share tricks on how to minimize duplicate content that we will create. The flow of articles rated by Google is 90% referring to premium copyscape, wow finally I found the term copyscape and articles.

Copyscape is a powerful tool for checking whether the articles we make are articles of plagiarism or copypaste or fresh articles, until here we can begin to set the strategies and content that we will create according to the target we are going to without worrying about duplicate external content.


The function of screamingfrog tools is a tool that serves as a checking audit of the website structure, url and content internally on the website.

In conclusion, to be able to start or create content at a minimum we must have tools that can help with the work that we do by referring to the software, so that it can produce content that is full power.

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