Tips For Speeding Up Google Chrome Performance

Often the use of Chrome is considered happy to eat RAM. Or some other cases Chrome runs slowly. This is of course very frustrating. In fact, there are tables of ways to overcome this. You can still get maximum performance from Google Chrome with a limited level of RAM usage. The following is how:

Tips for speeding up google chrome performance
Tips for speeding up google chrome performance

Tips for speeding up google chrome performance

1. Closing the process manually

If your Chrome runs slowly, you can simply see a list of processes that are running. To enter Task Manager, press Shift + Esc for Windows or from the Window menu if you are using a Mac. Then you can sort the process according to memory usage and turn off anything that is not needed.

2. Remove all extensions that are not used manually

Just because you download videos at one time doesn’t mean you need extensions at all times. You have to selectively sort out the extensions that you install and select which extensions you save. So type chrome: // extensions into the address bar to disable extensions that are not regularly needed that are still useful. Then delete extensions that you find useless.

3. Make all plugins work manually

Chrome since last year has blocked Flash ads except the main website. But chrome already includes “click to play” where chrome does not automatically play or play every plugin. You can activate it in chrome: // settings, click on Show Advanced settings, then click Content settings under Privacy. Scroll down to the Plugins section and select ‘Let me choose when to run plugin content’.

4. One tab and The Great Suspender

If you tend to keep lots of tabs and don’t intend to change those habits, there are some extensions that can help. The two most popular choices are One Tab and The Great Suspender.

One Tab basically lets you close each tab that opens with one click and convert it to a list. Whenever you need to access the tab again, you can return everything at once or individually by clicking on the respective link.

You can also easily export and import your tab as a list of URLs. Depending on how many tabs you are running and how many scripts are running on your tab, moving them to OneTab can significantly improve performance.

5. Data Saver Extension

If your connection is slow or long loading, you can use this extension. This extension can help reduce data usage by using company servers to compress pages before they are visited. But keep in mind that pages accessed from private connections or HTTPS or incognito tabs will not be optimized or not seen by Google.

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