Here is a top 5 video games that have created controversy. Between violence and racism, the human imagination has no limit. So much so that some games have had to be banned from some countries.

In France, the world of video games is quite free. Subject of course good morals and public opinion, which is sometimes hidden from controversy on the release of new video games. Violence, alcohol, drugs, religion, public health … Here is a list of topics that you should not joke about in video games. We have grouped 5 examples of games that could create controversy .

Postal, one of the video games that leaked a lot of ink

Released in 1997, the Postal series is still marketed today. This is about directing a man who has lost control of himself. The game is therefore to achieve real carnage in residential areas. Many acts that can be performed in the game are perfectly immoral and have not been unanimous among users: burn passers-by, use animals as weapons, relieve themselves on corpses … In short, the examples are not lacking to say to what point Postal can be violent and deviant . It should be noted that the video game was implicated in a tragedy that occurred in Montreal, for which the mis en cause was particularly fond of video games.

Resident Evil 5, the game accused of racism

Other video games are also deviant, but may be on a secondary level. We know today that racism poses many problems and that prejudices must be fought. But in a game where the main character, white, is parachuted into an African village whose population is black, and must shoot down the latter on the grounds that it is infected with a virus, some players have seen that a white shoot on blacks in Resident Evil 5 … The controversy followed.

Clodogame, the other side of the coin

Clodogame created the controversy in that the game made a lot of talk about him in 2007. The pane is released in Germany. It is a simulation of homeless people that provokes indignation among passersby: the latter wants to be a burden in the street where he lives, and tries to pity passers-by with a pet. The game has been widely talked about since the homeless is sometimes forced to fight with his counterparts, and often offers a blood alcohol level too high.

Games contrary to public health objectives

We know that public health today holds a special place in our society. At a time when most magazines are banned from using dummies too thin, and where the virtual transformation of photographs to be published is prohibited, some video games have also created controversy. This is for example the case of Wii Fit , released in 2007 on the Wii. The game proved particularly harmful for children. The program allowed girls to have an indication of their weight and body mass index. Often, the game could define them as obese, whereas the reality was quite different. The game was then accused of promoting anorexia in a society where this issue was the subject of all debates.

The Punisher, violence at its height

The Punisher, the famous hero of the comics Marvel was honored in this video game released in 2002. As part of the latter, the main character could quench his thirst for violence by resorting to highly shocking and reprehensible actions . The use of various torture techniques, such as a grinder or boiling oil, has created controversy in this game that has been banned in many countries. In others, the most shocking scenes have been blurred. It must be said that video games should not be a source of inspiration for the youngest.


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