Tricks For Making Strong Passwords

Strong Passwords: The first measure you need to take to secure your data on the Internet is to set a secure passwords. The second measure you should take is to take advantage of two-stage authentication. Other than that, using biometric methods using fingerprints, retina or face scanning, using password manager can be life saving.

Tricks for making strong passwords
Tricks for Making Strong Passwords

Tricks for Making Strong Passwords

You sign up for any website or email account with only your username and password that you know, and you’re ready. To log in again, just log in with your user information.

By taking some precautions yourself, you create your account with a password that is easy to remember. According to ESET Security Researcher Tomas Foltyn, the problem begins here.

Weak password big risk

‘Easy to remember’ means usually short and simple, but also easy to predict. This is especially true for password cracking software that attempts to log in to your account using a brute force attack.

This type of software can open the doors of some treasures. What most people do is use a password like ‘123456’ which can be considered a disaster and continue their lives happily. Until their accounts are seized and their online identities are disclosed or worse, their credentials and money are stolen.

Two-stage authentication required

According to Foltyn, many account capture attempts can be blocked by two-stage authentication (2FA). The added verification unit can set abuses by creating an extra layer of protection other than a simple code / password / keyword.

The problem is that many online service providers have not yet applied 2FA to their authentication plans. In addition, the adoption rate of 2FA in active Google accounts is less than 10 percent, according to recent research. Even if such an option has been available for years, most users are unaware of it or are not concerned.

Take advantage of biometrics

Of course there are other verification methods. There are also biometric methods such as fingerprint or retinal detection, or algorithms that measure behavioral determinations such as writing rhythms. However, their availability and consequent adoption has not become widespread.

Use password manager

One of the easiest things to do is to use password management software (Password Manager). These applications encrypt and store all your passwords locally and offline. Password managers are the pinnacle of password security.

The same password everywhere big error

Using the same password on different accounts makes cybercriminals work much easier. In attacks known as credential storage, login details used on multiple accounts are abused. The cyber attacker aims to capture a more valuable account using stolen or leaked login information.

For example, the e-mail account password seized, this time trying to gain money by trying to login accounts.

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