Turning A Smartphone Into A Remote Mouse For PC

Turning a Smartphone Into a Remote Mouse For PC: Have you ever experienced a broken computer mouse ? If you have or are experiencing it, no need to worry, because you can handle your pc with the smartphone as a remote mouse.

Tips on Turning a Smartphone Into a Computer Mouse
Turning a Smartphone Into a Remote Mouse For PC

Turning a Smartphone Into a Remote Mouse For PC

Keep in mind that to get started, you need a third party application, the Remote Mouse application. This application can turn your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device into a wireless mouse for use on Mac or Windows computers.

The first step is to download the Remote Mouse application on your laptop. Windows or Mac that support this application are Windows (Vista +) and Mac OS X (10.5+). The smartphones that are compatible with the application are Android (3.0+), iOS (7.0+), Windows Phone (8.0+).

To use Remote Mouse as a keyboard, first make sure that the application is activated on the computer and smartphone. After that, it takes a few seconds to connect the two. When it is connected, you can use it as a crusor on the laptop.

Move Your Finger on the Smartphone Screen

It’s easy enough, move your finger on the smartphone screen to move the crusor. Tap with one finger to click left, and tap with two fingers to click right. If you want to zoom in, pinch the screen on the smartphone.

Make sure no one is connected to your computer. Because if someone is connected, and he has the Remote Mouse application, then he can also access the computer. Not only functions as a cursor, this application can turn off, play back, and control music on a computer device.

Tap the play icon to control music in iTunes, Keynote, Hulu, Front Row on Mac and iTunes, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, and Windows Photo Viewer on Windows.

Can Be a Substitute for the Keyboard

But unfortunately, this feature is paid for USD 1.99 or IDR 28 thousand if you want to use it. Even in this application, you can open various applications on the computer and use it instead of the keyboard.

Here, you can type in the text field on your computer using the keyboard on your smartphone. Using the “Return” button has the same function as pressing “Enter” on your computer.

You can also make some adjustments by tapping the four-dash menu icon, which allows you to control the speed, volume, zoom, sound effects, change the trackpad background and so on.

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