Twitterrific , one of the best Twitter client for iOS and macOS , goes to version 6 on iPhone and iPad. A major update that, according to its developers, contains more than 50 new features and improvements. The Twitterrific app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

After spending a few years without a major update, with Twitterrific 6 the changes are remarkable. Here are the most significant changes:

Automatic playback of videos and GIF (this function can be disabled if you wish.
Tweets containing a single image will be displayed in full size and in their original format. If there are multiple images, they will be adjusted.
Integration of GIPHY: when writing a tweet, a GIF button appears and allows you to search directly in GIPHY to join a GIF.

Retweets with media content: When you retweet, you can attach an image, video, or GIF.
Minor improvements: Many changes have been made, the most relevant being the new icon for the application, new themes, stickers for iMessage or the new SF Rounded font.

A new economic model

The developers of Twitterrrific have decided to change business model. Twitterrific 6 is available for free download with a series of integrated purchases.

Here are the new conditions:

You can download and use the application without any restrictions for free.
If you pay for an in-app purchase, the banner will be removed from the top of the page as well as the built-in recurring purchase reminders.

You have the choice between three payments: 0.99 euro per month, 10.49 euros per year or 32.99 euros with a single purchase.

Users who have purchased Twitterrific version 5.7 or higher will benefit from the unlocked version for the next 6 months.

As mentioned, you can download free Twitterrific 6 on the App Store. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re tired of the official Twitter app .


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