Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

A Device that carries the heavy burden of improving one of the gaming mice most loved by PC gamers. Not a simple deal but, as you will discover in the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review, this time too the mission is accomplished for the Californian company.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Dark Core RGB PROCorsair’s gaming mouse designed primarily for FPS players, while maintaining all the advantages of the previous model is further improved with greater lighting areas, improved connections and lowered latencies.

In a nutshell, we are facing a series of upgrades that give us hope. If you want to know how this historic Corsair mouse has behaved, you just have to read the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review.

As mentioned, some changes have been made to the previous model. The mouse in question is in the medium-high market segment. Obviously it is not a mouse for everyone and is designed for gaming. It gives its best in FPS titles, but can also be used for other titles. But let’s see some technical details of this gaming mouse.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: the technical specifications

  • PPE: 18,000
  • Sensor: PAW3392
  • Sensor type: optical
  • Mouse backlighting: 9 RGB zones
  • Storable profiles: 3
  • Button type: Omron
  • Programmable keys: 8
  • Connectivity: Cable, Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Key durability: 50 million clicks
  • Grip: Palm
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • Cable: 1.8 meters in braided fiber
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz / 2000Hz
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer

New sensor and other news Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

In this gaming mouse we find the PAW3392 sensor model slightly improved compared to the predecessor.

Thanks to this sensor, we could customize our choice of PPE, with a 1a1 selection up to 18,000 PPE. Maximum sensor speed that we have tested for scruple but which obviously makes it impossible to play, at least at the screen resolutions available today.

Any movement at this speed would cause the view, or the pointer, to pop up at a speed that probably Flash would not be able to follow. However this great achievement in terms of “speed” is an indication of the excellent sensitivity and precision of the new sensor.

Obviously, to set the PPE with the precision of one unit at a time, you need to rely on the excellent software provided by CorsairIn reality iCUE is necessary for 90% of mouse customizations and once you have learned to use it, you can hardly do without it.

It is also true, however, that in this version of Dar Core even more it is mandatory to use such software, as the default presets fail to meet the needs of the player whether he is a casual gamer or a purist.

The software will also be needed to switch from the polling frequency of 1000Hz to that of 2,000Hz, to obtain an input lag less than an additional millisecond.

Another key part controlled by iCUE is the lighting of the mouse, the Corsair software allows to assign a different color to all 9 of the new RGB zones.

There are also 9 programmable keys and among the novelties we find the use of the new Omron mechanical and minimum latency switches, which Corsair guarantees for 50 million pressures.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Design and materials Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

The design of this new product fully reflects that of the previous version. The big news is in the cable connector, which finally meets USB Type-C technology. In the package we find the charging cable, in braided fiber, 1.8 meters long and a second option for the right side handle.

The handles like the back are covered with a rubberized and textured fabric. The non-slip rubber material that we also find in the scroll wheel.

In the remaining parts we find a series of more or less shiny plastics that give greater authority to the whole. In terms of size, we find ourselves in front of a mouse of rather generous dimensions and with a rather important weight.

Here is the probable reason why interchangeable weights have not been implemented. Even if the most demanding players could miss the latter.

As mentioned, we have two possibilities of grip. The first makes the part of the right mouse more ergonomic and classic, the second instead gives the possibility of having a support on the little finger exactly as it happens for the thumb.

Obviously you will decide which position is most convenient for you, but the possibility of choice is very appreciable.

To “switch” from one spoiler to another, just run the chosen fin along with the mouse sled which, thanks to the magnets mounted inside it, will be easily and quickly housed.

The mouse offers an excellent palm grip strictly for right-handed use. The rubber wheel does not give rise to possible slips.

The top of Dark Core RGB PRO has two buttons right above the left click button which can be programmed within iCUE to execute various commands, but control DPI by default.

The central button under the wheel instead controls the switch between the various profiles, whether they are preset or not. Too bad for the lack of a “sniper” button, a fast profile with low DPI.

As far as battery life is concerned, much will depend on the chosen use. Obviously if you leave the LEDs on ( 16 hours of autonomy LEDs on or 36 hours on LEDs off ) the duration will be shorter.

Software | Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

Dark Core RGB PRO could work even without software but, clearly speaking, you would exploit less than half of its possibilities. The personalization settings are truly infinite, in fact you can program your profiles in multiple ways.

Thanks to iCUE you can set the polling frequency to 2,000 MHz, assign colors to the various zones, control the target speed 1 DPI at a time on all the X and Y axes even in different ways.

In addition, you can use the various presets available which are also preset for competitive, or less famous, video games.

As you can see from the image just above, you can choose a series of actions that can fully customize your trusted playmate. A very important action to perform is that of “Surface Calibration”. By starting this test, the optical sensor will adapt to your mat. Action not to be underestimated as by default the Dark Core RGB PRO is set to work on some Corsair mats.

The firmware can be updated when needed and it is also possible to clear the built-in memory from the device. Memory capable of storing up to three profiles even without the obligation to use iCUE in the future.

Who should buy this gaming mouse?

Dark Core RGB PRO is a mouse as beautiful as it is complex to manage. If you are looking for a gaming mouse that once connected is ready for use, you have done something wrong.

This mouse offers an immense series of customizations that will make more precise players happy, but without a good dose of knowledge of the management software, you will have a “castrated” product.

The tracking on Dark Core RGB PRO is excellent and the Pixart PAW3392 sensor has been implemented correctly. The new generation Dark Core is comfortable to use also via cable but perhaps it gives the best of itself free from any constraints.

The improvements of this product are not very many compared to the previous version but are still important and welcome. We also remember that the mouse can be purchased at a price almost equal to the previous model.

In a nutshell, if you have to buy a new mouse with the features listed in this review of Dark Core RGB PRO it is the purchase for you … but if you are in possession of the previous version, net of little wear of the same, do not I would opt for this new version immediately!

To conclude, we can say that Dark Core RGB PRO is an excellent gaming mouse that offers vast customization and the ability to play wirelessly just like wired. Before buying it, however, take into account that the use of the management software is not an accessory but a fundamental one.

How to Remove the Properties Option in the Recycle Bin

You can open the Properties menu in the Recycle Bin to access a number of settings such as viewing the remaining recycle bin size settings for each partition, setting the size of each partition, and displaying/removing confirmations when deleting files.

How to Remove the Properties Option in the Recycle Bin
How to Remove the Properties Option in the Recycle Bin

For some reason, you might think of blocking access to the Properties page in the Recycle Bin so that not just anyone can tamper with the settings in it.

For that, you can eliminate it by configuring it in the Registry Editor.

Remove the Properties Option in the Recycle Bin

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
  • In the right panel, right-click and select New> DWORD. Then name it NoPropertiesRecycleBin.

How to Remove the Properties Options in the Recycle Bin

  • Click 2x on the new key then enter value 1. Click OK to save the settings.

How to Remove the Properties Options in the Recycle Bin

After the process is complete, you will no longer find the Properties option when right-clicking on the Recycle Bin.

You can go through the same steps as above and change the value to 0 in step 4 to restore the original settings.

This tutorial can be applied to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

How to Fix Steam File Content Locked?

Fix Steam File Content Locked: One of the most frustrating issues faced by Steam players when trying to update games on their gaming PC is the Steam locked content file. 

When the error occurs, it means that Steam is unable to write update files to your SDD or hard drive. This problem can be easily solved by various simple methods which only take a few minutes.

How to Fix Steam File Content Locked?
How to Fix Steam File Content Locked?

How to Fix Steam File Content Locked?

Method 1: Winsock reset

The problem can sometimes be related to the way Windows network software accesses network services. For this reason, you may need to reset the Winsock. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Hold down the Windows key and then press the R key to launch the Run command
  2. Type netsh Winsock reset in the dialog that appears and press Run
  3. Once the command is executed, just restart your system and that should fix the problem.

Method 2: Check your antivirus

Most often, the problem is caused by your antivirus. Some antivirus programs often mark certain files as potential threats and therefore quarantine them on your hard drive. This sometimes happens with Steam depending on the antivirus you are using. Here’s how to fix it based on your antivirus:

Kaspersky Antivirus

One of the most sensitive antiviruses, Kaspersky can prevent Steam from making changes to your computer because it sees it as a potential virus.

To remedy this, simply launch the antivirus and go to the “threats and exclusions” section. Go to the trusted zone, then add Steam.exe among the trusted apps. In the settings, change them to ”  Do not limit the activity of applications  ” and ”  Do not scan open files “.

McAfee Antivirus

If you are using McAfee, you can resolve this issue by launching the antivirus, and then selecting “Virus and spyware protection”. Go to real-time scanning and turn it off.

Whichever antivirus you use, once you have configured it to work with Steam, you will also need to verify the integrity of the game files. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your computer, then launch Steam
  2. Go to the library section and right-click on the game with the problem.
  3. Select its properties and go to the Local files tab
  4. Then click on the Check game integrity button. This should hopefully solve the problem you are having.

Note :

You can also decide to simply deactivate your antivirus when you update a game and encounter this problem. If it works, then obviously the problem is caused by your antivirus. You can therefore always deactivate the antivirus until you have finished updating your games or have followed the above steps.

Method 3: Repairing corrupted files

Many problems with Steam and other applications on your computer can be caused by missing or corrupt files. To fix this, you can download the problematic file. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Close your Steam and go to the Steam directory on your computer using the default location (C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam). However, if you installed it somewhere else, you just need to navigate there.
  2. Go to the Logs folder and open txt.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the txt file and look for recent errors that have occurred.
  4. Navigate to the root folder.
  5. Quit Steam and relaunch the application. Go to the download folder and the application will ask you to update the game.
  6. Click the Update button.
  7. Once Steam has been updated, the file that caused the error will be corrected.

Method 4: Run as administrator

It may happen that the content file is locked because Steam needs special authorization to access certain folders and it does not obtain it. To resolve this issue, you can simply give permission by running Steam as an administrator by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click on the Steam icon
  2. Select the Properties option
  3. In the properties dialog, select the “Compatibility” tab
  4. Under this section, check the ”  Run as administrator  ” box under Settings.
  5. At the bottom of the box, click on ”  Apply  ” and then on “OK
  6. Once that’s done, try running Steam in the usual way and see if that fixes the problem.

Method 5: Change the location of Steam and game files

Although this method is complex, it works like a charm. However, you can consider and try all of the above methods before you decide. Note that you should not interrupt the process once you have started copying files, as this may corrupt them.

With this method, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Steam client and click on Settings
  2. Select Downloads and then click on Steam Library Folders.
  3. The next thing you want to do is click on “Add Library Folder” and then select a location for the folder. This will define the path for the installations.
  4. Close your Steam client
  5. Access your Steam directory through the default location; C: \ Program Files \ Steam
  6. Go ahead and delete all files and folders, except the SteamApps and UserData folders as well as the exe.
  7. Just cut the folders and go to the new directory you created and paste.
  8. Once done, you can launch Steam and log in.

If that doesn’t solve the problem or if you have a problem with the above process, you can decide to try this:

  1. Exit the application
  2. Open the new Steam site
  3. Move the SteamApps folder from the directory and have it stored on your desktop. It is important to keep it well because it contains the content and settings of your game.
  4. Completely uninstall Steam in order to remove old Steam settings from your computer
  5. Reinstall the application to the original location.
  6. Move your SteamApps folder to the new Steam directory
  7. Open your Steam and log in. This should fix the problems you are having.

Note :

Like anything else with the applications you use on your computer, you may run into problems with Steam because you have failed to ensure that you have updated it to the latest version available. Therefore, always keep the application up to date as well as your system.

Thus you can fix Steam File Content Locked. If you have any questions, comment in the comment box.

Facebook Gaming | Tournament Features and the Livestream Marathon

Facebook is currently building the world gaming community. Named Facebook Gaming, a platform that brings gamers through live video and provides a platform for game creators to build and connect with their communities.

Facebook Gaming | Tournament Features and the Livestream Marathon
Facebook Gaming | Tournament Features and the Livestream Marathon

Facebook Gaming | Tournament Features and the Livestream Marathon

Game creators can reach new gamers among the 2 billion members of the global Facebook community, be it on special gaming pages, News Feed, Groups, Pages, or FB Gaming App.

On Facebook Gaming, you can see interesting videos, follow the latest updates from creators and favorite game titles, build interaction in groups and gaming chat, and compete with other game fans around the world.

Facebook claims more than 700 million people interact with gaming content every month, with 160 million active users every month in 450 thousand gaming groups (March 2020). Facebook Gaming specifically in Indonesia is also claimed to have grown significantly in less than two years:

  • The 5 most popular games in Indonesia in April 2020 are Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire – Battlegrounds, Grand Theft Auto V, and Free Fire.
  • 5.6 million stars were sent during April 2020 in Indonesia.
  • Over the past year, video gaming content viewers rose by 210%.

The global campaign in Ramadan

This year’s Ramadan is different from previous years because most of us need to stay at home to suppress the spread of the Coronavirus. Social distance means we must be physically separated, but games can still unite us all.

So during Ramadhan, Facebook Gaming introduced several programs for the Indonesian streamer gamer community to stay connected and interact with other fans and gamers.

1. Tournament

The game is about friendly competition. This new feature will allow your favorite creators to host tournaments while streaming. You can create, play, and watch competitions in one place.

2. Livestream Marathon

Your favorite gamer streamer will stream from iftar time to dawn every day to improve your mobile experience during Ramadan. You can interact, get tips and tricks from the games they play and share stars and prizes with them.

3. Ramadhan-themed gifts

During Ramadan, the company brings more excitement to Facebook Gaming for creators using Ramadan overlays, notifications and virtual prizes with the theme of Ramadan.

Facebook Gaming Application

The Facebook Gaming application is designed to offer a more in-depth experience for Facebook Gaming content and highlight related new features. Gaming Tabs will continue to exist, and companies see tabs and applications as complementary experiences.

The Go Live feature of this application allows people to broadcast games on their mobile directly to Facebook in seconds.

Through the Facebook Gaming application, viewers or fans can easily find their favorite game creator pages, watch their gaming content, and also join various groups to get tips about gaming.

Full Guide | How to Play Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game multiplayer strategy real-time containing platoon player-favorite Clash of Clans. In this game, players will use cards to invite the Clash of Clans platoon to the battle arena. The Clash Royale platoon consists of several types such as troops, buildings, and spells.

Full Guide | How to Play Clash Royale
Full Guide | How to Play Clash Royale

Full Guide to Play Clash Royale

In this game, players will fight in the arena battle mode 1vs1 or 2vs2, both camps will continue to attack each other’s units, players who can destroy the King’s tower will be the winner. Here are some 2020 edition of Clash Royale Tips and Tricks.

1. Prepare Platoon and Deck

In this game, players will get five-deck slots at the start, but usually, players only need to have two decks of their own combination, one deck for rank mode and another deck challenge mode.

Even though the player has to put the strongest combo on the ranking deck, while on the challenge deck it is rather different because there are limits to the card level that makes the player make the deck in a certain way.

There is also a special deck for this game mode which is more difficult to use. In fact, players should not be able to change the deck too often, because players will not be able to practice combos.

Players can make their own deck or pick it up on the internet, many streamers take the time and effort to master the game so they can follow the technique. Applications like Deckshop or Stats Royale can be very good too. Stats Royale offers decks based on players’ cards, while Deckshop offers many customizable decks. This can be very useful when an idea is stuck.

2. Arrange the Deck

In fact, there is no invincible deck at Clash Royale. Each deck has advantages and disadvantages, even the best players will fight. Deckbuilding is very pleasant, but human intervention is more important. Simply put, choose what you like best and use it.

If you want to make your own deck and not copy from the internet, players must make it balanced and varied.

The following types of cards are recommended:

  • Unit with splash damage (Ice Witch)
  • Single target remote unit (Musketeer)
  • Anti-air unit (Witch, Mercon)
  • Tank (Golem)
  • Low price unit (Skeleton)
  • Anti-building unit (Hog Rider)
  • A building (Cannon)
  • Spell without a counter (Rocket)
  • Cards that make targeting enemy troops (Ice Spirit, Zap)

Main deck types for Clash Royale:

  • Defeat: Players will start an attack from the King’s tower with tanks and other hordes of cards that follow. Loss of the tower is not a problem, players fight under pressure (but don’t let it go too much).
  • Control: Focus on whatever you can defend and hit your opponent back by keeping elixir available to deal with a lot of damage early on.
  • Repeat: Small troops and attackers. The aim is to gather as many attackers as the player can, so that the enemy will not have enough defense forces to fight it.
  • Decoy: The aim is to get the enemy to place as many defense cards as possible so that the enemy platoon does not attack the fortress so that eventually they run out of elixir and cannot attack again.
  • Surround: Use Mortars or X-Bows as they defend in enemy towers.
  • Spawn: Use as many Spawner Buildings or Troops as possible. This works best against inexperienced enemies without a splash unit.
  • Custom: Every deck with preferred combos (a pair of cards that are hard to fight) such as Rage + Balloon, Wizard + Giant, Fire Spirit + Hog Rider, etc.

3. Battle Strategy

The main objective when playing this game is to get positive results in the use of elixir or “destroy enemy forces with a little elixir than needed”. For example, players can kill three enemy platoon units with rockets when they gather on a bridge or defeat a single executioner with a bat when they enter the tower radius. If a player can do this more effectively than an opponent in a match, the player will win.

Pay attention to the remaining time and lives of enemy towers, sometimes the player can solve all problems by throwing fireballs from the tower to survive. The ability to remember enemy cards is also a useful skill, it will help players find out how many elixirs they have and plan their next steps.

Take advantage of tower damage, lure enemies to the range of one or several towers if possible, and put the platoon down there. This will be a big advantage.

Once the number of elixirs reaches 10, not much can be done and that is a big problem. Players must continue to focus and use the elixir available before this happens to clear the slots so that more platoons appear. This is a common mistake for beginners.

Don’t destroy the enemy King’s tower just yet. When he is attacked, a cannon will appear and will fire on the troops.

How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story

BINGO Template for Instagram Story: Instagram is an application that is quite popular among the public at this time. This application is equipped with many features in it. But not all features that support the Instagram application are available inside the Instagram application itself. 

How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story
How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story

Sometimes there are also many features and creations that can be made outside of the Instagram application. One example is the bingo template. This Instagram Story creation can be made using additional applications. We can make a bingo story with certain topics that we can make ourselves.

For example the topic of memories of school days, memories with former and others. We can determine the topic, along with possible answers experienced by many people including ourselves.

This bingo template is not available directly in the official Instagram application, here we will use the help of the canva application to make it.

How to Make a BINGO Template for Instagram Story

Bingo story templates are generally made using a laptop or computer, but for those of you who don’t have a computer, you can still create this story with the Canva application.

Canva itself is available on computers and cellphones, but it is more flexible if used via a computer.

To create a bingo template, you can follow each of the steps below.

1. Download and install CANVA here If so, please open the application.

2. After you open the application, you will be taken to the Canva login page. You can login using Facebook or with your Google account.

3. Following is the initial appearance of the Canva application. Click the search field and type “Instagram Story Bingo”. Then you search or search.

4. If you have, a lot of bingo template options will appear for you to choose from. Choose one, then click “edit” to change the template according to our wishes.

5. If it’s already for the initial appearance of the template as shown below. You can also increase the size of the template to make it easier to write. You can click on the title “Instagram Bingo” to change the title.

6. For the content, you can also replace each column available with certain words or sentences.

7. If so, please save the bingo results that you have made. You can click the “download” icon to save it to your gallery.

8. Please enter the respective Instagram. Once on the Instagram homepage enter “your story” to create a story.

9. If you have, go to the photo icon in the lower-left corner. Then you find where you saved the bing template. Usually, it’s available in the gallery, but if it’s not there you can find it in the canva storage.

10. Select the bingo template that you created earlier to be shared with your story.

11. Done.

Although this bingo story is almost the same as the survey, on the story page, you cannot click on one of the columns in the bingo.

This is because the template was saved in a photo format and can be posted as an ordinary photo, be it on Instagram stories. Oh yes, for Canva itself, not all fonts are provided free. Only a few fonts are available free. For standard fonts, it’s generally free, so don’t worry.

Usually to get the premium font you want you have to subscribe to the font. But using fonts that are already available in my opinion is enough. That is all the discussion this time. If you have something to ask, you can leave your comments below.

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use

How to Download Google Maps for offline – Google Maps for Android has long been allowing you to save your  maps offline , so that you can consult them even without an internet connection. 

Let’s see how to save the portion of the map that interests us and how to manage and update all the saved places.

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use
How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use

How to download Google Maps For Offline

First of all, have a good connection, preferably Wi-Fi , and start Google Maps.

Search for a place of your interest, or move directly on it with the map. This is the old method for downloading offline areas, but it’s still pretty good. Are you in the region you are interested in downloading?

Now press on the search bar and type the words ” Ok Maps “.

The interface will open directly to save all the information for offline browsing on the internal memory of your device.

The appropriate interface that will open in this way is easy to use. Thanks to pinch-to-zoom you can decide whether to include the area of ​​a city or extend it to the surroundings.

In real time, Google Maps will provide you with an exact indication of how many megabytes the map downloaded by you will occupy.

Obviously larger areas (there is a limit) will take up more memory. We remind you that, in the absence of a connection, you can view the maps offline, but you cannot use them to search for places or get directions. To learn more, you can also consult the Google help.

Offline areas

For some time now, Google has introduced a special section on Google Maps where you can manage offline areas, i.e. all sections of the map that you have downloaded, even in the past, using your Google account. Before proceeding a premise: all the areas you download to your device have an expiration date.

They usually stay on your device for a month, but Google notifies you via a notification of the expiration of the area. Obviously you can keep it or download it again.

The section of Google Maps is called Offline areas and is accessible through the classic side menu that you find in the search bar of the application.

In addition to finding the list of saved maps, including expired ones that you can re- download by accessing their specific tab, you can press on Custom area to download the one you have selected to your device. The indications are the same as before.

Best Retropie ROMs | How to Download Best Retropie ROMs

Are you looking for the best Retropie ROMs, you are on the right place. In this article, you will discover the 5 best Retropie games that you can easily install. 

Best Retropie ROMs | How to Download Best Retropie ROMs
Best Retropie ROMs | How to Download Best Retropie ROMs

You will also learn how to install Retropie and much more information on Retropie ROMs. Continue reading this article carefully before downloading Retropie ROMs.

Best Retropie ROMs

1. Street Fighter II Turbo

Are you looking for the best Retropie games, then you should try Street Fighter II Turbo. It was the best seller when it was launched.

In this game, a player has to fight with his opponent to reach the next level of the game. You can even play it in multiplayer mode, where you can have a fighting match with your friends. You can download the game by clicking on the given link.

Download Retropie ROMs

2. GoldenEye 007

The next game on the list is GoldenEye 007. Here you have to kill your enemies. The less noise you make, the easier the level is to complete.

It is recommended to use a double handle controller to also move and adjust the camera. You can download the above game with the link below.

Download GoldenEye 007

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is another game you can play in Retropie. It was one of the most popular and successful games when it launched.

You can play this game on more than 25 platforms easily. The gameplay is somewhere similar to Super Mario, where you have to collect coins and kill enemies. And with that, you will reach the next level of the game.

Download Sonic the Hedgehog

4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is also on the list as he is also one of the best Retropie ROMs. The game is based on Tony Hawk who was a popular skater in the 90s.

The game is available on different platforms. Tony Hawk Pro Skater has different modes, you can play according to your choice. But before playing this game, make sure you have the right version of the game.

For that, you can try different versions of the game and find the one that works best for you. You can download the game with the download link below.

Download Tony Hawk Pro Skater

5. Sensitive Soccer

Here is the fifth best Retropie game which is Sensible Soccer. This game is specially for those who like to play sports games or a football lover.

However, the graphics aren’t as advanced as today’s games, but the gameplay is so appealing and engaging. You will stick to the game and enjoy it very much. If you want to try it, you can download it with the link below.

Download Sensitive Soccer

How to install Retropie?

You can install Retropie on Raspbian and on a new SD card as well. You can consult the tutorial on the official Retropie website if you want to install it on Raspbian.

If you want to download Retropie to a new SD card, you can follow the steps below. You can download the images on the official Retropie website. Click here to visit.


  1. After downloading the images, create an SD card and use the commands below on your Mac or Linux OS.
    sudo dd bs = 4M if = / home / pi / retropie.img of = / dev / mmcblk1
  2. Then change the path of the image mount point and the SD card according to you for easier.
  3. Now check the name of your SD card. You can do this using the command given below.
    sudo fdisk -l
  4. You will see the name of your disks like / dev / sda, / dev / sdb and so on.
  5. And the name of your SD card will be like / dev / mmcXXX.

Note: You can also download preloaded SD cards from the Internet. If you don’t want to get involved in the steps.

Tips to improve performance in retro games

  • Always make sure you are using the correct Raspberry Pi model.
  • Then check whether you are using the right emulator or not?
  • It is recommended to use an authentic controller.
  • Check the power of your Raspberry Pi. Check if it works correctly or not?
  • Overclock the Raspberry Pi.


So that was all the important information about Retropie ROMs. You have learned the best Retropie games and how to install them.

With this, you have gained all the important information that is essential to know before downloading a Retropie game. I hope this article will help you.

How to Download and Use Cydia Impactor on Windows / Mac

If you want to know how to download Cydia Impactor on Windows or Mac and you also want to install Cydia Impactor on Windows or Mac, then you have come to the right place to get one of the most popular side loading applications which load IPA files for iDevices devices on Windows or Mac.

How to Download and Use Cydia Impactor on Windows / Mac
How to Download and Use Cydia Impactor on Windows / Mac

Hello, my friends, in this article, you undoubtedly know that, How to Download and Use Cydia Impactor for the IPA file installed on your iPhone / iPad. Cydia Impactor is nothing more than a side application installation tool for IOS devices. 

It was created by the same creators from the Cydia store. So, with the help of your desktop PC, you can easily install Latest Tweaks on your non-jailbreak iDevice.

Normally, Android device users use Apk files to install third-party applications on their Android devices, similarly, Apple device users use IPA files to install third-party applications on their iDevices. But there should be the need for a third party that loads the IPA files aside to install these files on iOS devices. 

In this type of situation, Cydia Impactor intervenes to load the IPA files on Windows or Mac. Learn more about how to Download and Use Cydia Impactor on Windows or Mac to load IPA files in parallel.

What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is a cross-platform graphics tool application available for Windows, Mac and Linux, this means that it provides an interface between the computer and your iDevice. At the time of impact, it will ask for your Apple ID for signing the application, and it will not use your personal information for any other purpose. 

The impactor Mainly used for the installation of the latest settings and games on iPhone / iPad, which are in the form of IPA for iOS devices and Apk files in Android devices.

We know that the official Apple store does not offer any latest free adjustments, so iPhone / iPad users can mainly depend on other third party application stores like vShare, Apps4impacter and Apps4iphone, etc. 

Because these stores offer the latest free IPA file settings. But the main problem is that the IPA files cannot be installed directly on your iDevice. This can only be opened in the original Xcode CDK, so the Cydia impactor bundle fully uses for installing the application on your device.

About Cydia Impactor:

    • Name: Impactor.exe
    • Version: 0.9.52
    • File size: 18.60 MB
    • Latest version: June 4, 2019
    • Supported operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
    • License: Freeware
    • Developer: Jay Freeman

Requirements for Downloading Cydia Impactor:

    1. In the case of No Internet Access, you can Download Cydia Impactor and modify the IPA file, so take a better Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection.
    2. No jailbreak is required to install the IPA file.
    3. IPhone / iPad / Android devices.
    4. Desktop PC / Mac.
    5. Latest IPA Tweak file.

Download Cydia Impactor.exe on Windows or Mac:

Non-jailbroken iPhone / iPad users are familiar with the Cydia impactor because they can install the latest Tweaks on their devices using this impactor tool. Without paying money at the Apple Store. Start the impact procedure with simple downloads, these are a Cydia impactor and an IPA tweak file. Before entering the steps, first download Cydia Impactor Download on Windows or Mac.

Download Cydia Impactor for Windows
Download Cydia Impactor for Mac
Download from Cydia Impactor for Linux 32 bit
Download from Cydia Impactor for Linux 64 bit

Use the link above to Download Cydia Impactor to different devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux 32 and 64 bit. Before moving on to the installation process, let me tell you some cool features on the app. After installing this application on your Windows or Mac, you may encounter a provision.cpp: 168 error on your iOS 10 or iOS 9.

Characteristics of the Cydia impactor:

    1. Install the latest settings and games on your non-jailbreak iDevice at no cost.
    2. No jailbreak is required to install the IPA file.
    3. The installation process is very simple and hygienic.
    4. It is a multiplatform application available for Windows / Mac / Linux.
    5. Sideload IPA files to install third-party applications and games.
    6. You can install apps and games ++.
    7. Download and install modified apps and games.
    8. You can install paid apps and games for free.

Install Cydia Impactor on Windows PC / laptop or Mac:

Step 1) First, “ Download Cydia Impactor ” on your Windows or Mac depending on your device from the link above.

Step 2) Now select the last interested tweak or emulator and download it as an “IPA file”.

Step 3) After that, “Install and run the Cydia impactor” on your Windows or Mac.

Step 4) When you try to install Cydia Impactor, you will get a pop-up window like Impactor wants to export “access” from your keychain. Just click ” Allow “.

Step 5) Now, “Connect your iPhone / iPad to your Windows”, check it. But in case it is not properly connected, simply remove and reconnect the device again.

How to create an Apple ID:

    • First, open the phone “ Settings ” >> then go to “ iTunes and Apple Store ” >> Press the “ Create a new Apple ID “.
    • Now enter details about yourself in the requirements section.
    • First enter your first and last name.
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Select the security questions and enter the answers.
    • Once this procedure is completed, your account is created.

How to use the Cydia impactor on Windows / Mac:

Step 1) Open the Cydia impactor and select the IPA file which will already be downloaded.

Step 2) “Drag and drop the IPA file on Impactor”, it now asks for your iTunes iTunes ID and password.

Step 3) Type in your “Apple ID and password”, in case you are not interested in providing, create a fake Apple ID from the steps below.

Step 4) Cydia uses your “Apple ID” for digital signage purposes, not for other purposes.

Step 5) Once you have entered the Apple ID on it, the impactor starts the application signing process after installation on your device.

Step 6) After the full installation, you should trust the untested pp developer option.

How to root any Android device with Cydia Impactor:

    • First, download Cydia Impactor on your Windows or Mac from the links above.
    • Now unlock your Android device and go to settings
    • In the settings, go to the Developers> USB Debugging option .
    • Now activate the USB debugging mode on your Android devices.
    • Connect your Android device or Android tablet to your Windows PC / laptop using a USB cable.
    • In fact, Cydia Impactor automatically installs the SuperSU binary on your Android device.
    • After installing the SuperSU binary on your Android devices, disconnect your Android device from the Windows PC / laptop and restart it.
    • Now open Google PlayStore on your Android device and install the SuperSU app on your Android devices.
    • After installing the SuperSU app on the Android mobile, it will be rooted


Well, I think these steps are enough to learn ” How to use Cydia Impactor on Windows or Mac ” to load iOS applications. Simply download the IPA files directly to Windows or Mac and drag and drop them to Cydia Impactor to load them laterally.



How to Play Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale is a cooperative building and survival video game developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. The game has been released since July 2017 on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

How to Play Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile
How to Play Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile

The official release of the mobile version is planned for this year. But it’s already possible to enjoy this game on your iOS phone, find out how.

Fortnite is rolling out to iOS devices soon, and registration for the test has already started. But not all iPhone and iPad will be compatible with the Fortnite game.

Fortnite Battle Royale – compatible iOS mobile devices

Here is the complete list of iOS devices compatible with the game:

  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2017
  • iPad Pro
  • and all recent products on iOS

And Fortnite on Android

Just like Nintendo did when Pokemon Go was released, Epic Games has yet to announce anything on Android smartphones that will be compatible with the game.

How to play Fortnite on iOS (iPhone / iPad)

To play Fortnite Battle Royale on your iOS device, you need to register on the Epic Games site for the chance to receive an invitation from Epic to download the game.

If you’re lucky, you may receive an email from Epic, with a link to download the Fortnite mobile game . The invitation email will contain the download link for Fortnite mobile , which you will need to open in the Safari browser to start the installation.

If you don’t receive an invitation from Epic Games to test Fortnite mobile, there is an in-game option that allows a friend to invite you. So you would have to wait for one of your ms to invite you to test the game.


We will update this article when we have new information on how to download Fortnite for iOS and Android devices .