By 2022, a lot of PC gamers should convert to video game consoles. More accessible, they offer an experience that is improving year by year, and is now closer to the best computers

If you like PC gaming, you’ll probably be on a video game console by 2022. That’s what Jon Peddie Research did . A lot of PC players will probably move to game consoles around this date. A real change that could dramatically upset the video game economy .

In question ? The architecture of consoles more and more developed
In video games, the search for performance leads to the creation of consoles more and more developed, which compete with the best computers. Today, video game consoles have never been closer to PCs. As an illustration, Sony will release in a few times the PlayStation 5 with a Zen 2 CPU and SSD that should significantly contribute to the capabilities of the console.

Consoles more powerful, and cheaper than a PC?

If the war between PC and console is manifested by the development of better components and the conquest of capabilities, the prices should convince most players . The price of a CPU can easily reach 800 euros, as long as the gamer is looking for the correct performance.

The Xbox 360 allowed players, when released, to enjoy performance and a gaming experience that competed with the best computers. Today, the trend continues as game consoles, much cheaper, compete very seriously their computer neighbors. The PC gaming community now has millions of fewer players who have turned to gaming consoles.

The video game console turns to Cloud Gaming and knows a great success
The arrival of Cloud gaming will also allow video game players to offer better deals to different players on console. The game console will therefore turn to more accessible software, more consistent and more personalized for the user. It remains to be seen whether the prices charged will continue to stimulate the interest of players for game consoles.


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