We Use These Top 5 Software Without Even Being Aware

We present you today a top 5 a little particular: what are the 5 software that most people with a PC use the most? Sometimes without even realizing it?

We Use These Top 5 Software Without Even Being Aware
We Use These Top 5 Software Without Even Being Aware

It is software that has been used since the beginning of time. At the time of 56k internet connections, most of you already had the habit of soliciting them.

Since then, they have entered our most common habits to such an extent that we consider them today as an integral part of our computer. Let’s take stock of the software we use today under Windows without even being aware of it .

We Use These Top 5 Software Without Even Being Aware

The Microsoft Office suite is not to present. Who does not use Microsoft Word today to type letters, write memoirs or save a list not to lose on your computer? Sometimes severely criticized, replaced by many other free software, including its main competitor Open Office, Microsoft Word is still installed today on the vast majority of our machines.

The software is undeniably one of those that one uses without even being aware that it is a third-party software installed on his computer.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox still remains a secure browser and suitable for most users. Its fairly intuitive interface allows you to browse all websites, officially or in private browsing. It is one of the first software that we install on your computer.

Its main competitors stand out and share the market dynamically. We can mention Google Chrome. In any case, people who have installed a third-party Internet browser on their desktop or laptop PC will know how they open it in a natural way, as if it had always been part of their machine.


The way we store our data has evolved greatly in recent years. Now, it is the cloud that has the grace of most users. Very convenient to find data on your mobile, tablet and PC, the cloud also allows you to synchronize all its devices without having to perform action.

Dropbox is one of the key players in the industry, which has a long history of teamwork and business solutions. A free subscription allows to make important manipulations, and can be completed by a paying subscription giving access to more storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is best known for storing personal data related to a Gmail account or Calendar (Google Calendar). However, a file stored on Google Drive can easily be shared with other users.

The software also offers a paid version, linked to the purchase of additional storage capacity. The price is obviously progressive depending on the amount of storage purchased.


A symbol of online messaging, Skype has emerged on most devices. Thanks to him, it has never been easier to be connected and chat instantly. Through a voice message, a video conversation or by sending an attachment, Skype can do everything.

It is indisputable that the person who would seek today not to use this software will be deprived of many opportunities in terms of social relations. Skype synchronizes of course with its counterparts on smartphones and tablet.

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