What Is Facebook Advertising Fees

How much are Facebook advertising fees?  and I will briefly talk about advertising costs for newcomers to Facebook advertising.

How much are Facebook advertising fees?  and I will briefly talk about advertising costs for newcomers to Facebook advertising.
What is Facebook Advertising Fees

First of all, I want to talk about what you pay for it. There are currently 15 different advertising models on Facebook.

They all have different goals and can have different effects. Some ad page likes, some website clicks, some video watching, some interaction and so on. You can actually pay for impressions on the basis of all of them.

The ad set settings save your preferences for what you are opting for, but the actual paid price is always calculated on impressions.

The price you pay will also vary based on the relevance of your ad. Membership, tracking, bid-per-click options allow you to increase the impact of impressions you purchase for these purposes.

For example, when you advertise for leads generation (form / leads), let’s assume your bid is $ 5 per form. If it’s a form that everyone doesn’t fill out and an average form is displayed in 5-6,000 impressions, the fee you’ll probably pay will exceed your bid per form based on your ad’s relevance score.

Because as your impressions increase, you will be charged. Your cost set will no longer receive impressions after the cost is set above your ad set bid, and will actually stop even if your ads appear active.

Minimum Ad Serving Fee on Facebook

Facebook has a minimum ad limit of 3TL. Of course, the number of people you can reach with 3TL will be quite limited. In addition, if you want to have the ad run by someone other than yourself or by a professional, you can’t do it with low budgets.

For example, I work with an account operating fee of around 10% minimum and demand a minimum operating fee of 500TL.

How do Facebook ad impression rates vary?

In digital marketing, the term CPM (Cost per mille), which we define as cost per thousand impressions, is absolutely used in display ad networks and pricing is done through CPM.

Impression charges on Facebook are also calculated as CPM (cost per thousand impressions). However, CPM fees may also vary greatly depending on the interest your ad receives.

The reason for this is that ads of interest are shown more often than organic access.

Currently, average CPM fees for ads are predominantly between $ 2 and $ 3, but this can be very different depending on the purpose of the ad.

For example, when I look at CPM fees in a campaign where I run an ad with a cost of 2TL per form, it shows 5-6 TL. 5-6 TL seems to be a high fee, but my goal is to collect 2TL considering that the lead is a fee that I can not get from other channels.

In another ad, I paid only 10 kurus for a CPK fee of 1K for 1TL on a share with link and video content in the ad, and this was close to one in 20 of the expected CPM fees.

This means that highly engaging content of interest can be made much cheaper and much wider.

In other words, the better and better the quality of creative creatives and ideas, the more affordable and high-performance ads you can run. Therefore, you should take great care of the creativity of your ad.

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