What Is GBWhatsApp? What Are The Features? How To Download It?

I often read about GBWhatsApp, but I ignored it a bit because this application is not available on the Play Store. But, because I often see in front of me a review of this application, I thought about looking again, and wanted to know the contents and features of this GBWhatsApp.

What Is GBWhatsApp? What Are The Features? How To Download It?

And, that’s why I’m also thinking of writing a post about the GBWhatsApp application so you also know what GBWhatsApp is? what are the features? and how to download it for?

What is GBWhatsApp?

Because the name includes the word WhatsApp, you definitely think this is something that is related to WhatsApp. Not? Yes, you are right, this is something that is related to WhatsApp only.

Actually, GBWhatsApp is a fashionable version of WhatsApp that is not developed by its official owners but by other people. This WhatsApp version works exactly like the original but offers many choices. In short, this is only an expanded version of the WhatsApp official application.

We all know, many of the software or applications that we use have limitations that are applied to protect the privacy of users and other things in the consideration of the developer. But, there are a number of tools and a number of tricks that help us transcend these limits. And, GBWhatsApp is one tool that helps us to go beyond that limit by providing different versions with expanded features.

GBWhatsApp feature

  • You can send videos up to 50MB in size that you can’t do with the official WhatsApp because the official version only allows up to 16MB.
  • You can send up to 100 images while using GBWhatsApp, if you use Whatsapp the official version, you can’t send more than 30 at a time.
  • You can hide your status, type status, last seen, double ticks and blue ticks.
  • You can create a group name with a maximum of 35 characters that you cannot do with an official WhatsApp.
  • You can change your WhatsApp theme and talk to other people in more than 100 different languages.
  • You can use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone using GBWhatsApp.
  • With GBWhatsApp, you can read messages without the blue check visible. This means that the sender does not know whether the message sent has been read by the recipient or not. This method is actually really needed by WhatsApp users, which their privacy does not want to be known by other users for certain reasons.
  • You can set automatic replies to be sent to your contacts.
  • You can schedule a message to congratulate your friends on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Simply specify a message and schedule for the day your friend will have a birthday.

These are just some of the excellent features of GBWhatsApp. Actually there are many features offered that you never get with the official application. The following are other features on GBWhatsApp, but where the settings are in different places:

  • Key, to lock GBWhatsApp with a password
  • Change the font, change the entire font font in GBWhatsApp
  • Reload, to restart the GBWhatsApp application
  • The language of the App, changes the entire language of GBWhatsApp and for Indonesian choose default and make sure your smartphone settings also use Indonesian.
  • New Broadcast, to send messages to many predetermined contacts
    Broadcast to groups, to send WhatsApp messages to all specified groups
    DND mode, if activated, you will not be able to receive or send messages until you turn them off again
  • Clean the file, to see how much data or cache is used and then clean it
  • Open Log, see all activities online, change photo profile, see our own status or contact
  • Chat key, lock the chat to a specific contact with a password
  • Go to the first message, to go directly to the message that was first sent to a particular contact

In the notification message, you can also modify the appearance such as the text color of the message, text color, background footer, color of contact name, contact status color, header, background and many others that you can change with color as you wish. In the widget section, you can also adjust and modify the appearance such as background, header, title size, subtitles, contact / group name, date and message.

Other features that you can change include launcher icons, check styles, hide notifications, change notification icons, display dates and names when copying 2 or more messages.

You can also display the Online status 24 hours even though the cellphone screen is off, but the cellphone must be on and connected to the internet, back up whatsapp data, set the duration of anti-pull messages, extend notifications and gbwhatsapp shortcuts.

This is the modded version. GBWhatsApp is the perfect modded version of the official version with additional features that make you happy when using it.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe?

In general, GBWhatsApp is safe, but because it’s not official, there’s no guarantee. So, use it wisely, if you really need it, the rest you use the official whatsapp because the security level is clear.

How to Download GBWhatsApp

Because this is a modded version, you can’t find it in the Official Google Play Store, but you can get the APK file and install it on your Android phone.

You can download the latest GBWhatsApp via Mediafire from here and then install it on your Android device.

Download GBWhatsApp

All Android phones are set to install applications from the official Google Play Store, but you can install applications from other sources. Just change the settings. To do this, go to Settings >> Security and look for Unknown Sources . keep on Activating. By activating this, you allow your cellphone to install applications from unknown sources. This trick is also called the sideload application .

Now, tap the GBWhatsApp APK file that you downloaded earlier, and continue. This application will ask you to verify your number as you did when installing the official WhatsApp. This application is really awesome. But, still, the risk is borne by passengers, because this is not the official version.

The download link and guide for installing GBWhatsApp I have explained in this blog post. I hope this post helps you well if you are looking for information about GBWhatsApp.

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