What Is Google Photos Express Backup Mode?

Google Photos is a great solution for those who love taking photos and is still one of the best-used best practices today.

What is Google Photos Express Backup Mode?

As you know, as long as the application is installed on your phone with an automatic backup does not lose any photo you keep constantly redundant. You can delete them from your phone and free up storage space on your phone. That application, a new feature came to Google Photos.

Briefly explained, when you start backing up photos to Google Photos, the app prompts you (this setting can be changed later). If you back up the original photo, you will use it from the storage that Google offers you.

If you choose high quality, the picture quality will drop slightly and you can have unlimited storage. Another backup option has been added to these two backup options. Express backup mode.

What is Express backup mode?

Thanks to this mode, the image quality is reduced by one click. High resolution mode is getting a six. However, the loading speed is increasing considerably.

The visual quality of my photos is not so important, as long as you can get a quick backup can use this mode. There is no official declaration for now, but there is no storage in this mode.

Express backup mode is currently being tested in India. It is said that it will open up to the whole world soon.

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