WhatsApp is currently testing a new status-sharing feature to other apps

WhatsApp statuses allow you to indicate on your profile, text, a photo or a video. Each status disappears after 24 hours, automatically. These statutes strongly resemble the Story tool on Instagram, although they are with WhatsApp much more private, since visible only by their own contacts chosen oneself theoretically.

And according to The Verge, WhatsApp is currently testing the possibility of sharing these WhatsApp statuses to other services , such as Facebook, but also Instagram, Gmail or Google Photos. Indeed, some beta testers users of the mobile messaging app would have been selected and could currently use this new feature.

WhatsApp would have thought to integrate this new tool respecting the separation of apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Thus, according to the source, no data would be exchanged between WhatsApp and the apps on which the status is shared. The sharing would be done in a classic way, thanks to the corresponding APIs available on iOS and Android underlying the functionality of sending content between apps.

This would result in the following way: a WhatsApp status could be shared on Facebook, provided that the user has the Facebook app installed on his mobile and connected to his account. There is also no way to automate WhatsApp status sharing between apps. According to WhatsApp, the sharing of the status must be done on a clean and active will of the user, and this for each new status.

With these precautions, WhatsApp wants to avoid any risk of criticism about a possible sharing of information to Facebook. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg is indeed very badly seen at the moment, precisely because of several scandals in series concerning the non-respect of the privacy of the users. It is therefore prudent for WhatsApp to want to keep its messaging app as independent as possible from other Facebook services.


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