Whatsapp QR Code and Status Updates

Whatsapp next time in two new wonderful features seem to be coming. We’ll talk a little about these features. Whatsapp, which received the new update, came up with a few lines of code that came up with two different features to come into our lives in one of the next updates. Let’s talk about these;

Profile Sharing with QR Code

Actually, there’s not a lot of idea of ​​what this feature could do. Because when you add a number to your phone you already have access to that person’s profile. Of course as much as he let himself. When a person next to you scans your QR code, doesn’t it just need to add a number? This is a part we don’t understand. Or what part of Whatsapp will be available without a number? Because all Facebook messaging applications are united in a single place in the near future.

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