WhatsApp will have advertising from 2020

From the creators of the Instagram Stories ads, the WhatsApp Status ads arrive. We knew that they would arrive and now we know when: from 2020. The good news is that we will not see, for now, advertising in our conversations: only in the states of our contacts.

WhatsApp will have advertising from 2020
WhatsApp will have advertising from 2020

WhatsApp will have advertising from 2020

Chris Daniels, the man who put Facebook in charge of WhatsApp when the founders left the company, said in November that the publicity would arrive just as it did in Instagram Stories: in the form of stories promoted among the states of the users.

By then, WhatsApp Status had 450 million users, much less than the 1500 who use the messaging service every month, but enough to generate large revenues. Since it cost a dollar, WhatsApp has not been worried about monetizing its users, but the time has come.

Employee of WhatsApp confirmed at the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam that the promoted stories will reach Status in 2020. If you are a user, that means that next year you will see advertisements while browsing the states of your contacts.

If you are a company and want to sell a product on WhatsApp, you can do so from 2020 on Facebook: the WhatsApp product catalogs will be integrated directly into the Facebook ad manager.

But WhatsApp Status ads are not the only revenue path Facebook contemplates for WhatSapp. WhatsApp Business will also cost money, especially for large companies that want to get in touch with their customers through WhatApp.

For example, stores may pay an amount to Facebook to send receipts and other messages to their customers through the new WhatsApp Business API. Small stores can use the WhatsApp Business application for free .

Finally, Facebook is testing a mobile payment system integrated in WhatsApp for users in India. The commissions of this comfortable system are the third income channel contemplated by the company.

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