Whatsapp doesn’t have a source of income since it was bought by Facebook. It has long been an attempt to create a revenue model for Whatsapp, which provides people with features such as unlimited messaging, video and voice calls. With the statement from Facebook, it was clear when the advertising period for Whatsapp would begin.

Whatsapp’s first ad date is clear

Facebook continues its work started last year. According to a recent statement, the ads will start running on 2020. The ads that will be published in 2020 will not disturb anyone, as they have appeared before.

You know the ads in Instagram stories. The story looks like but is advertising. Whatsapp cases will also appear in the same ad. Ads will be shown in accordance with story features as if they were the story of someone. Ads will also have features such as links and text.

Whatsapp ads are expected to be quite popular because they are fully customizable.


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