When you make things independent, your psychology changes

– Recently, people are talking about the ministries. Let’s start with what is minimism?

-We know that most women have no clothes to wear, but they do not have enough clothes to wear. So, the main reason for this problem is uncertain buying, unplanned, and too much clothing because of doubts and confusion. But we do not buy that costume for the purchase, but I think it may be useful to us, or to think that we should be dressed someday or that this woman should always be. And that’s not all.

We do not just dress but do so on many things. So, just like that principle, we have a lot of things around us. Once I have the things I have to store, care, and care for. It takes a lot of time, money, and attention. So we can spend time with friends or read, write, wash time and wash our clothes, and clean the house, which creates daily stress, and every weekends and boring days.

But the simplest way to solve this problem is to combine the items that are not used, and if they can, they will leave everything behind and rely on material dependence.

To summarize them, minimize is to spend on your own time, to create a peaceful environment, to spend time more valuable and valuable. People who support this idea and act on it are called the ministries.

-Can not explain what a mean style is?

-If a small number of items are included in items such as dresses, furniture, appliances, etc., it can be understood as a minimalistic style of modesty. In particular, the idea that I want to wear is especially important in dressing, so we need to have a wardrobe that does not have to be a lot of clothes and only a few can combine together. But the question is what clothes are to be combined together. For example, we have a simple jeans that we can wear every day, even at a time, and even work with a pair of skins, but the blazer or piercing style of the jeans may be complicated by the t-shirts and leisure shirts. So the simple designs are worn in many different ways.

How can a person change from the ministries? Can you imagine something more simple and easy than trying to keep things elegant?

As we mentioned in the beginning of the discussion, our time and emotions begin to change when we are separated from material dependence. Of course, for those who spend most of their time on vacation at home, they are free to spend time, outdoors, movies, plays, or personal development programs, or at least spend their time on their personal and personal needs. You can also look for new feelings, such as thinking, meditating, meeting people who have long meetings or going on a trip. So, the lifestyle of ministries gives you peace, time, and space, so you can become free to do what you want.

-It is said that a young man can live stressed and contented with life. Does it relate to certain things, not just many things, and it is time to have a personal desire?

-When the start of the simple example begins, the question that is put into the morning begins to get rid of it. Because of the simple design, there is no need to doubt the few clothes that are coupled with each other. It’s just a little bit off our stress. After a few starts, it’s worth buying, new designs, or just getting started. Furthermore, we will begin to feel and love the value of our items. For example, if you decide to put on a “tea only” with your coat, you’ll probably start treating your stuff as you always have to care for, keep it up, and hurt yourself. From that point on, it’s a precious start to learning about it, and it’s a beginning to learn to be content with everything that’s happening in the future.

-What to do to become a ministarian? Where to start?

“The first step is to determine the real needs of a person. As many of the examples have been described in clothing, they continue to explain this topic, “Do I really wear a suit every day? Or maybe once a month, or even more. So, should I have ten things to do? “It is important to define the real needs of your lifestyle. There are so many things that people keep in mind when they’re in need of something. But in practice it is never used. Most women need it, and maybe they do a lot of things in the bag. The day was carrying heavy bags, but most of them did not take that day. This principle is all about everything. At your locker, at work desk, at home. Therefore, it is suitable for your lifestyle, It is important to keep track of the items used every day. Then it’s best to leave behind the things that are going to happen. But there is no definite definition of one thing to be sure. That’s why it’s almost never used.

Is it possible for everybody to become a ministist?

-If anyone wants, anyone can. But there is one problem. Some people prefer smoky designs, while others are simple and clean in their eyes. So there is a violation of the simple model. In other words, each person’s aesthetic sense and enjoyment vary. But what does it mean that you do not want to keep a few steel pieces, but you have to love it? Of course. But the special things are so easy for people to see, but they really look like they are “no different.” On the other hand, these exquisites begin to “claim” for their particular combination, especially as clothes. That’s why everything goes back to the first place.

My lectures sometimes come up with this type of question. Do not be so short-dressed, and come back to the first question of why you are choosing why the minimist style. Of course, this question does not matter if we choose this path to separate ourselves from the material things, not because we are bored or absorbed.

So, this type of style only seems to affect people’s choices.

What is the basic principle of a mini-style?

-If you are “working” with your own cabinets and even a lot of women’s cabinet, you have to say that the two principles are best soluble for each other if they want orderly, unscriptural, easy and simplicity. Not only the numbers but also the smallest color combinations, the few details, the few actions. To say fewer things, just say no cosmetics, cosmetics have recently introduced 3 in One (one in three products) into one product and furthermore, they have a pocket card for cell phones. In general, it is important to focus on how to simplify and how to integrate. Then, of course, simple design.

-When a lot of dresses and worn-outs are going to get dressed and put in order. Probably regret. Do not they advise them?

“Of course, the stuff that we own is a lot more than table and chairs. When it comes to sorting and sorting it out, we make a huge impact.

As for our clothes, we are “in the head of the cupboard”There are many cases of dressing. In other words, it is said to wear all the clothes that are closest to what they seem to be closest to. So if you want to organize your closet, it is important to look at the first one at once. All the colors, and the color of the pair together, and the fact that they are almost forgotten. But then you have to keep things that you wear every day, and create your own lifestyle. For example, business, leisure, decorating, and recreation. This sort of benefit will help you see what deficits you are in. Here comes the real shopping cart. Then, in the order of the combinations of different types of clothes, the first order, and a list of things that are really needed. Tell a tame has been very detailed in the blog, so it is briefly mentioned here.

-What then would you say to those who are looking for a ministry to readers?

– First of all, it is advisable not to get emotionally. It can be argued that any kind of problem may arise, such as whether it is abandoned or abandoned, or that it may seem boring. But in the real world, if you find that this great thing makes you frustrated and frustrated, and you need a new feeling and adventure in your life, the minimalist style will help you.

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