Windows 10 Family Or Windows 10 Professional?

Windows 10 Family or Windows 10 Professional: We compared for you the last two versions of Windows 10, Family and Professional. Which one should I choose? In this blog, i will describe you window 10 family and window 10 prefessional.

Windows 10 Family Or Windows 10 Professional?

Windows 10 Family or Windows 10 Professional

Main differences

Windows 10 Family Windows 10 Professional
Integration with a domain (professional network) No Yes
Encryption via BitLocker Drive No Yes
Group Strategies No Yes
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection No Yes
Hyper-V (virtualization) No Yes
Affected Access No Yes
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer No Yes
Microsoft Windows Store for Enterprise No Yes
Trusted Boot No Yes
Windows Update for Business No Yes
Max RAM supported 128 GB 2 TB


If most of these features do not speak to you, do not worry, the majority of consumers do not use them!


The price is one of the main criteria of all comparisons, and here the difference between the two versions of Windows is important. You will always find different prices for these software, official prices and resellers.

You are granted a low price is always tempting but caution is the mother of safety; we will never recommend it enough, when buying nothing beats the official version.

Otherwise, there are always versions that do not require updates. To give you an idea, here are the prices charged by Microsoft and Amazon:

Official prices: Windows 10 Family 145 € ; Windows 10 Professional 259 € .

Amazon Price: Windows 10 Family 89 € (USB 3.0 stick); Windows 10 Professional 99 € (USB 3.0 key) .

Windows 10 Professional Features

What are these famous Windows Professional features?
Are they really useful? Do you really need it for your personal use?

Encryption via BitLocker Drive

BitLocker Drive is an encoding software that allows users concerned about their security to protect their data from hackers.

Now in the new version of BitLocker Drive, you no longer have to encode all your files. Coded and uncoded files can finally come together, even on a USB key. It is even possible to share them.

Remote Desktop connection

The Remote Desktop Protocol is based on a Microsoft protocol that allows remote access to computers on the same local network. Both operating systems are still distinguishable here.

Indeed, the Family version offers a control called “Remote Assistance”. An expert / administrator user can access your screen and guide you in your tasks for example.

The Professional version, it offers full control of the remote user. For example, if you want to work from home via your tablet, it will be possible to access your company network and all your folders and applications stored on your work computer.

Windows Update for Business

Unlike the Family version, which installs its updates automatically, the Professional version proposes to postpone them (even to several months).


Virtualization is another advantage of Windows Professional 10, although few people are exploiting it. This feature is in the same kind as VirtualBox. By cons, its installation is done manually.

Domain integration and other features for businesses

Domain integration (or creation) allows a company’s computers to be linked to a single network, a kind of centralized management. Of course these computers must work with Windows Professional, this feature is not available on the Family version.

Group Policy and access to the Windows Store for Business are other features reserved for Windows 10 Professional users.

There is also the Affected Access feature which limits the use of a computer or tablet to certain applications. For example, if you are a merchant, you can make available in your shop a tablet that only gives access to your product catalog.

Features common to both systems?

Differences there are, but not only! Family and Business still share a common foundation. They’re here and they’re there :

Cortana, a smart personal assistant that allows you to manage a calendar, search the internet, open folders or applications, and all this to the sound of your voice! This feature is also available on Android, iPhones and, of course, Windows Phone.

The Microsoft Edge browser that has enough to compete with browsers Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Edge has a play mode that enhances the appearance of online articles making their viewing more enjoyable.

In addition, if you do not have time to finish your reading you can now save articles and return later from any Windows device. Finally, Edge allows you to annotate and share web pages.

Continuum, it allows to switch, very simply, from one interface to another. For example, if you use Windows 10 on a tablet, Continuum will adapt the desktop and start menu to your tablet, and so on. Ideal when you use different devices!

The Virtual Desktops (Virtual Desktops), this feature makes possible the multiplication of work environments on your computer. You can organize them as you see fit. You can, for example create a virtual office dedicated to your professional life, another dedicated to your leisure, another for your applications …

And finally Universal Applications (Universal apps), called as such because they are compatible on any device running Windows (computer, tablet, smartphone and even Xbox One). In short, it’s having all Windows at your fingertips, and in a single store!


To surf the internet, edit Word or Excel documents, manage folders, Windows 10 Family will suit most users. The Professional version is more focused on data protection and device compatibility.

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