Working from home is more efficient

The freelance system is becoming more widespread. Working without being connected to the office increases the productivity of people. Turkey in 2023, about 8.5 million people are expected to work outside the office.

Freelance work not only increases the motivation of individuals but also regulates the balance of work and private life. One of the most important needs in the modern world is the balance of work and personal life, where 50 percent of employees experience problems. As such, both employees ‘and institutions’ view of self-employment changes positively every day.

Also common in Turkey

In the US only in 2027; It is estimated that more than 57 million people, 36 percent of the workforce, will work as ‘freelancers’. The fact that the number of companies that adopted flexible working model increased by 26 percent last year is another supporter of this picture. ‘Freelance’ system in Turkey, explaining that the man recognized every day sanaluz General Manager Niyazi Bekiroglu, draws attention to the figures.

8.5 million freelancers in 2023

“Turkey is among the countries who closely follow the global trend freelance work. In 2023 approximately 8.5 million freelance employee Turkey is expected to take place in the job market, “he says. Bekiroğlu said that the number of members of SanalUzman exceeded 8 thousand in a very short time and that this table gives important signals about the trends. 63 percent of white-collar respondents believe that the eight-hour workforce will become obsolete in the near future. ”

Able to work from anywhere

Niyazi Bekiroğlu stated that 68 percent thought that the work could be done from a different point, not a traditional office. All these research results indicate that there is a significant relationship between self-employment and motivation . Turkey, one of the fastest growing countries in Europe about the free work, “he says.

Best Workplace Home

A comfortable working environment is the dream of every employee, especially if it is their own home.

One day a week freedom of space

In fact, according to a report prepared by a global research company, more than 50 percent of small and medium-sized company employees are entitled to work outside the office. 86 percent of large-scale employees want to work one day or more a week. Twenty-six percent of this population can work freelance once a week.

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