Your Fingerprint: What Is It And Why Should You Take Care Of It?

Due to the technological advance of the last decades, the presence of data and personal information of users in the online world , what we know as fingerprint , is increasing. But do you know what exactly it means and why is it important to administer it correctly? We explain it to you below.

Your fingerprint: what is it and why should you take care of it?
Your fingerprint: what is it and why should you take care of it?

Your fingerprint: what is it and why should you take care of it?

What is the fingerprint?

Experts usually define the fingerprint as the trace of our activity on the Internet , the mark we leave each time we surf and interact on the network. It would be something like a collection of information about the person that is based on their online behavior: what they publish, what they are looking for, where they do it and what they are based on to do it.

Publications or comments on blogs, websites and social networks, use of applications, e-mail records, purchases … all this is part of a person’s online history and, potentially, can be seen by other people or stored in a database , so it is important to keep in mind that, in one way or another, everything we do is recorded.

What are the dangers and why should you take care of your fingerprint?

Websites, blogs, forums … all of them have favored forms of communication and participation in the network that until recently we could not even imagine. But if there is something that has led to more and more information about users on the Internet, this is undoubtedly the emergence and extension of the use of social networks . Who does not have, today, a profile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

The privacy policies of each of these networks strive to make us believe that, as users, we are free to determine what we want to be public and differentiate it from what we prefer that it is not. But the truth is that everything is interconnected on the Internet and there are records of everything that is stored, shared and published.

Therefore, even if we delete photographs or publications, service providers have access to this information. Hence the need to always think before publishing : what we publish, where and who can get access, and also determine, as far as possible, a correct privacy configuration of our networks.

In addition to social networks, experts say that in the next few years the gateway to our personal data and information will be smartphones , since they store not only photos and contact lists, but also documents, passwords, and interactive applications. that imply private data of great importance …

Taking into account all the above, it is essential to have a positive fingerprint and take careof it over time, since anyone can access, with great ease, all the information that exists about a person in the network.

Can you erase your fingerprint?

At the user level , completely erase the fingerprint is practically impossible because, as we have said, although we delete that content that we no longer want to be in the network, there are always records of this. What we can do is use the networks properly , being aware that everything we publish on the Internet will remain in the network for years even though we delete it.

However, it is true that in the market there are tools and professionals who are responsible for this difficult task. In the case of MGS Seguros , which has made available to its customers burial insurance service digital deleted , with which you can request removal of the fingerprint on the Internet in the event of death of the insured.

Thanks to this new service, the families of MGS policyholders will be able to exercise their right to oblivion and protect their privacy , privacy and reputation, being able to eliminate any traces in social networks, blogs and websites that hold personal information, email accounts and other information. personal Also, you can request the deletion of data, files and existing programs on devices.

This new technological service is offered free of charge to the insured of MGS Profamilia , the death product of the entity.

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