Your MicroSD Is Not Detected? Use Simple Tips

The storage capacity of smartphones , laptops, cameras and other digital devices can be expanded by utilizing a microSD card. In this way, limited device capacity can be added so that it can store more data.

Your MicroSD Is Not Detected? Use Simple Tips
Your MicroSD Is Not Detected? Use Simple Tips

Yup, microSD is an external memory card that is often used by many users to store documents and data outside the smartphone’s internal memory capacity .

Your MicroSD Is Not Detected? Use Simple Tips

However, sometimes there are times when a microSD cannot be detected on smartphones , laptops, and cameras. Various symptoms that indicate a damaged microSD can also vary.

The damage to the microSD, including not detected on the smartphone , appears but cannot be opened, getting information “Please insert a disk into a removable disk “, “Android phones cannot find a microSD card”, or “There are no valid media”. Whatever it is, this will be a serious problem.

For those of you who experience this incident, don’t panic. It should be noted, a damaged microSD does not mean it cannot be used anymore.

There are several tricks to being able to make your microSD come back to life. How to?

1. Use the Application

The first way you can do is recover data from a microSD that cannot be detected. To do this, you can download the EaseUS application from the Google Play store, select the microSD you want to repair, and click the “Scan” button.

After scanning, click “Recover” to retrieve data and save it on another PC or disk .

2. Repair damaged or undetectable microSDs

For this second method you can repair this damaged microSD with two methods. The first is to update the driver. You can do this by going to Computer> System Properties.

Later on the left you will see the words “Device Manager”, click on the text. Next to “USB controller” click the “+” sign. If a microSD is not detected, there will be a yellow exclamation mark.

Continue by right-clicking and selecting the software driver update> automatic search for online software drivers. Wait a minute, so the driver installs and reboots the computer.

Once done, you can check again whether the data is still there or not by entering a microSD on the smartphone.

The second method is the microSD format using Disk Management. Go to Control Panel, then click Administrative Tools and click Computer Management. When opening Windows, click Disk Management to find the microSD. Then, right-click on the microSD and select format.

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