YouTube Trueview Advertising Costs Increased!

YouTube ads, the first choice of many brands for video ads, were revised to charge in-video ads. In addition to 30s of in-stream ads, clicks will now be costed as one impression.

In-stream “Truview” video ads that appear on YouTube before watching videos use the cost-per-view method, and watching at least 30s of the ad is considered an impression. Complementary optional complementary banners and “call-to-action (CTA) overlays birlikte can be used with Truview ads.

Former Pricing on YouTube Trueview

Example: If you think it’s worth 25 cents for a user to watch your video, you can set your maximum CPM to $ 0.25. You pay the maximum CPM when the user watches the ad for 30 seconds or reaches the end of the ad, whichever comes first. You won’t pay if users stop watching the video before the minimum time expires.

Update to TrueView In-stream Billing

YouTube Trueview Pricing A warning in the Google Adwords panel says clicks are now included in payments. So far, a minimum of 30s of tracking is required for pricing, and as of June 8th, every click on an in-stream TrueView ad counts as a billable view. Thus Truview is not only displaying ads, but interactions are also charged.
The relevant Google help documentation still states that clicks are not charged and only views are billed. Here’s the relevant part :
Cost-per-view (CPM) bid is the default method for determining the amount you’ll pay for your video ads generated with Google AdWords Video. You’ll be charged for impressions on traditional display ads. In CPD, you pay only when viewers watch your video.

With traditional online text or image ads, customers on the Internet can see your ad, read the text, and click your URL to visit your site directly. Such interactions do not take into account interactive content, such as video ads. In CPM bidding, you won’t be charged for just one impression or for a video interaction click on your ad.

It is not yet clear whether pricing will be counted as one view or two separate views if both click and 30second tracking are together.
You can also set a lower bid for your TrueView in-display video ads than your in-stream ads.

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