How To Use And Configure A Mouse On IPad With IPadOS

Configure a Mouse on iPad: Using a mouse on the iPad was a function highly requested by users and Apple has finally incorporated it with the arrival of iPadOS, the new operating system for the company’s tablets.

How to Use and Configure a Mouse on iPad with iPadOS

This new function is hidden within the accessibility settings and in the following lines, I explain how to access it so that you can start using any wireless mouse with your iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and even iPhone or iPod Touch.

It is important to mention that when activating this option you will not find a cursor like the one you can have on any computer.

The iPad’s cursor is much larger and more circular. The reason is that it is really designed for people with mobility problems and in many cases also vision (either due to vision problems or not being able to easily change posture), so the large cursor is an aid to use. Of the device.

Despite this, the operation of the cursor is perfect, there is no lag, it moves fast and if you missed using a mouse with the iPad, all you have to do is configure it as I explain below.

How to Use and Configure a Mouse on iPad with iPadOS

To configure the mouse you must do the following:

  1. Access Settings – Accessibility – Touch – AssistiveTouch.
  2. Activate the AssistiveTouch option.
  3. Now go to the Pointing Devices – Bluetooth Devices section.
  4. Select the mouse you want to use from the list (if it does not appear you will have to put it in pairing mode) and confirm the mouse link.

With these steps, the mouse would already be linked to the iPad. When you move it you can see how the cursor appears and the main mouse button is used to click just as you would do with your finger on the iPad screen. In addition, in most mice, you can also use the wheel to scroll normally.

How to configure mouse settings on iPad

With the previous step, you will have the mouse fully functional on the iPad, but if you want you can fine-tune the settings a little more and make it work exactly as you want.

In the following lines, I explain how to change some of the most important mouse settings.

1.- Change the travel speed

If you find that the pointer moves too slow or fast when you move the mouse, you can change the speed as follows:

  1. Access Settings – Accessibility – Touch – AssistiveTouch.
  2. Scroll down to the Scroll Speed section.
  3. Raise or lower the speed bar to adjust it to your liking.

By moving the bar, the setting will be saved automatically and you only have to move the mouse to see if the new speed is better adapted to your tastes or if you need to change the setting again.

2.- Configure concrete actions for different buttons

This option is not available with all mice, but if yours has programmable buttons you can configure different actions for each button.

To do this you must do the following:

  1. Access Settings – Accessibility – Touch – AssistiveTouch.
  2. Access the Pointing Devices – Bluetooth Devices section.
  3. Tap on the mouse name in the Connected Devices section.
  4. Access each of the buttons to configure the option you want to perform when you press it.

In addition, in some cases, you will also see a section called Customize additional buttons. From it you can configure additional buttons in case your mouse has more than iPadOS detects by default.

3.- Change the size and color of the cursor

As I said, the cursor of the iPad is large compared to that of any computer, but it can also be configured to be even larger and choose from several colors to make it more visible on the screen. To modify these settings you must do the following:

  1. Access Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Cursor.
  2. Choose the color you want for the cursor.
  3. If you want the cursor to be even bigger than the default one, activate the Large cursor option.

Now you can use your mouse with the iPad!

As you can see the configuration options are quite extensive. Also, setting up a wireless mouse for use with the Apple tablet is tremendously easy and won’t take more than a couple of minutes the first time you use it.

Are you one of those who missed this feature or do you think it was not necessary? Without a doubt, the iPad is becoming more and more a perfect alternative to a computer and the arrival of iPadOS will gradually make all the limitations that until now completely disappear.

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