Deemix | Download Free Music And Songs

Deemix is ​​a fantastic program that allows you to download free music, songs and MP3s from the internet in one click: find out how it works with our guide.

Deemix | Download Free Music and Songs
Deemix | Download Free Music and Songs

Deemix | Download Free Music and Songs

In today’s article I want to talk about Deemix, a new and fantastic program available for any operating system ( Windows PC, Mac, Linux) that allows you to download FREE MP3 songs and music tracks in high quality from Deezer.

Yes, that’s right: just use Deemix and have a free account on Deezer to download all the songs you want in FLAC format, so with crazy audio quality. Once downloaded, you can listen to the songs offline and without an internet connection, wherever and whenever you want.

But let’s not waste time, let’s see immediately how to use Deemix.

How to download, use and install Deemix

As you can see, the steps to follow are very simple, very fast and within the reach of even less experienced users. For any doubts, however, you can leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible. But now let’s get started!

  • Download Deemix for PC Windows, Mac or Linux from HERE
  • Extract the folder to your computer’s Desktop
  • On Windows PC , start the Deemix_gui.exe file, while on macOS you need to start the Deemix-pyweb file
  • Started Deemix, go with the mouse to the left side of the menu and access the Settings
  • Log in with your Deezer account (if you don’t have it, you can create it for free from HERE ) by clicking on AUTOMATED LOGIN and enter your details when requested
  • Return to the main Deemix screen
  • Use the search bar to search for the song you want to download . Alternatively you can paste the Deezer link of the song you want to download or you can use the songs proposed in the home of the program, choosing from the many playlists that are proposed
  • Once you have found the song you are interested in, you can download it by clicking on the download arrow that appears next to the song you are interested in.
  • Once the download is complete, you can find the downloaded songs in the folder pre-set by the program, or by clicking on the DOWNLOAD item at the top right . However, I recommend going to the program Settings and customizing the Downloads folder , so that the app downloads the songs in the folder you prefer, maybe the one where you have all your other favorite songs

Done. Have you seen how simple it was to download, configure and use Deemix to download songs, MP3s and music from Deemix for free ? Child’s play!

Download playlists from Deezer

Oh, I almost forgot: with Deemix it is also possible to download an entire playlist from Deezer ; just search for the playlist you are interested in, open it, select all the songs included in it (using the tick at the top right) and start the download. Fantastic!

In a second you can download all your favorite songs, and then transfer them to your smartphone, tablet or any other device to always carry with you.

Go to Settings and enable FLAC download

Enable FLAC
enable FLAC

As I had anticipated in the description of the program, with Deemix you can download MP3 in FLAC format, which is the best and of the highest quality. By default, however, the program downloads the songs in MP3 format at 320 kbps, a still good format but not the best.

  • Before starting the downloads, I therefore recommend that you go to the program settings.
  • Go to Downloads and set the quality to FLAC .
  • This way you are guaranteed to download your music files at the highest quality available, the best ever, for truly perfect listening.

If the song in FLAC format is not available, the Deemix program will still download the song with the best quality available.

Deemix downloads the metadata and covers of songs and albums

I haven’t said it clearly until now, I took it for granted: this fantastic program allows you to download all the metadata of the songs from Deezer, so you will have precise information about the title, artist, album and all other information related to the music file, perfectly updated and compiled.

Obviously, the cover of the song or album is not missing. In short, Deemix offers a precise and complete service!


So what do you think of Deemix? Isn’t it a great program for downloading free music and songs from the internet Try it and let me know what you think!

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