Cómo Descargar En Slideplayer Fácil Y Rápidamente

Nowadays, many conferences, teaching and learning activities or even jobs are done online. And not infrequently, these activities require a large number of presentation files.

But you know, now we can not only create digital presentation files in ppt format using software like Microsoft Powerpoint that you already know.

How To Download In Slideplayer Easily And Quickly
How To Download In Slideplayer Easily And Quickly

How To Download In Slideplayer Easily And Quickly

There are currently several sites that provide presentation files that can be downloaded for free. And, of course, there are many presentation topics. You can download presentation files on topics related to religious education, languages, etc.

Well, one of the sites that offer free presentation files that are quite popular in cyberspace is Slideplayer. In this discussion, we will share information on how to download on Slideplayer along with information on how to upload and also the advantages of this site. Just consider the following discussion for more information.

Excellence In Slideshow Player

Slideplayer has several advantages that will spoil you as a user. What are some of them? These are some of the advantages of this presentation file provider site.

1. Download The Free Presentation

One of the advantages of Slideplayer is that you and all other users of the Slideplayer site can download presentation files for free. Also, you can download presentation files that were already created on your old device.

2. No Registration Required To Download Presentations

In order to download or upload a presentation file to Slideplayer, you don’t need to register an account first, you already know that. Yes, you can immediately share or download your presentation file without the hassle of creating an account from scratch.

3. Share And Download With Link

Through the Slideplayer site, you can download the presentation file simply by using the . This way you don’t have to save the presentation to your PC or laptop.

This method can also save the internal memory of your laptop, PC or even your cell phone. You also don’t have to be afraid of being hit by file size restrictions when sending presentations via email.

4. No Flash Player Required

Did you know that we can also view presentation files directly on the Slideplayer website without downloading the files? And the good thing is that Slideplayer already uses HTML5 technology. So you can immediately play the presentation slides on the website without using Adobe Flash Player.

5. Support Audio And Video Files

Another advantage is that Slideplayer is proprietary in its support for playing audio and video files within the file presentation. Therefore, you can download or upload a presentation file that uses the audio and video in it, without any problem.

How To Download On Slideplayer Through PC

Now it is time for us to review the procedure to download presentation files on Slideplayer via PC. Curious, how to download from this site? These are the steps.

1. Open the Slideplayer site.

The first step, open your browser on a PC or laptop, then open the Slideplayer site. An example is shown in the image above.

2. Find the Presentation File You Want to Download

Next step, search for the file you want to download by typing keywords in the search field or search bar. The search bar is at the top center of the screen.

For example, we look for slides or presentations on linguistics. So, we type the word ‘linguistics’ in the search field.

3. Select And Download The File

After typing in keywords and pressing the search button, several display options will appear. On this page, you can choose to search for presentation files from Google or from the Slideplayer site itself.

So, as an example, we chose Google search results. We click on the ‘Google Search’ tab which is given a red box. After that, several presentation file search results appear.

After that, the steps that need to be done is to select the presentation file that you want to download. In order to download the file, we just have to click on the title of the presentation.

After that, a new page will open in the browser. To download the presentation file, we just need to press the white button that says ‘Download Presentation’.

If so, we will first be prompted to send a referral link to our colleagues, before downloading the . Here, we choose to share a referral link via email.

In addition to email, we may also send the link through social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we can also send the link through messaging such as WhatsApp.

After the recommendation link is sent, the file submission can be downloaded. We just need to press the green button that says ‘Download’, then the file will be downloaded to your PC or laptop by itself.

If you don’t want to download the presentation, users can play the files directly on the website. It’s easy, just press the play button as shown above. Later, the Slideplayer site will play the file automatically.

How to Load In Slideplayer

After reviewing how to download on Slideplayer, we will also discuss the steps to upload a presentation file on this site. Come on, just watch the following discussion to find out the steps!

1. Prepare the Presentation File for Upload

The first step is to prepare a presentation file to upload to Slideplayer. The supported file format on this site is ppt format.

2. Register An Account Or Login To Slideplayer

Unlike the download method above, in order to upload or upload files to Slideplayer, you must first log in or sign up for an account if you don’t have one. The way to register is quite easy, you just need to fill in the details in the form of full name, email and also a password.

3. Upload Presentation File

Now, if you have logged in or registered an account, you can directly upload file submission from your own profile. Click the green button that says «Load Presentation» in the right corner of the laptop or PC screen.

Next, an upload button will appear as shown above. Press the white button that says «Upload Presentation» to upload a presentation file. Then select the files you want to upload to the Slideplayer site.

The Slideplayer site will then convert the uploaded presentation file. You just have to wait for the process to finish.

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At this point, our discussion on how to download in Slideplayer. How easy is it, right? Now you don’t have to bother to make your own presentation, because on this site there are more than 40 different presentation themes that you can download on this site.

If you have any tips or other information on how to download on Slideplayer that we haven’t mentioned above, please drop them in the comment column provided below.

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