Free Netflix Cheats – Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription

Free Netflix Cheats : Within this article I will show you some tricks to get the best out of your Netflix subscription. Do not you believe it?  I recommend that you read this article to the end and if you find it interesting.

Free Netflix Cheats - Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription
Free Netflix Cheats – Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription

Raise your hand if you are not yet a Netflix subscriber or have never heard of it! In fact, the streaming giant has now entered the homes – or rather, devices – of all of us and has certainly changed the way we see films, TV series and even documentaries.

An incredible success if you think that it was a simple video rental. Before continuing, it seemed only right to tell you that there is a totally legal method to  Have Free Netflix Forever.

Netflix Cheats – Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription!

Beyond the numbers and the success, Netflix users certainly appreciate the vastness of the catalog and the possibility of seeing all the episodes of their favorite series in a single block – the so-called binge watching.

But beyond that there is much more! In fact, let’s find out what are the tricks to make the most of the Netflix subscription

1. Showgoers (Netflix Party)

Or how to spend an evening watching the same movie with friends… each from their own home! This extension for Chrome in fact provides for the synchronization of the screens through an automatic code to be sent to friends after logging in to their Netflix account. Everything will be shared: pauses, rewinds and every second of broadcast!

2. A Code For Everything

One of the strengths of Netflix is ​​precisely the immense catalog that is constantly updated. If you don’t want to miss a single category and if you even want to find hidden goodies among the thousands of videos you can use the category codes.

Then copy the code you are interested in and paste it here: (INSERT THE CODE) to view the required category.

3. Random Movies

If you want to rely on chance, you can always use Netflix Roulette! It works like a real roulette wheel that extracts movies at random thanks to an algorithm. You can also choose to enter some parameters (eg exclude horror movies) and the Flix Roulette site will choose for you.

If you prefer only quality series and films, you can rely on the RateFlix extension which offers the official ratings of IMDB (and Rotten Tomatoes!) Of the Netflix catalog.

4. Increase The Catalog

And if all this is not enough, if you want even more films and series, the only solution is to access a catalog different from yours, like that of Netflix USA. To do this you will need to activate a virtual private network and select a server in the United States to connect as if you were across the ocean.

Don’t forget to consult the What’s New On Netflix website to find out a preview of all the news coming out on the streaming platform! Below are the reviews of the best VPNs out there with their discount links.

  • ExpressVPN
  • SurfsharkVPN
  • NordVPN

5. Subtitles For All Tastes

Do you love to watch series in the original language but do you need support? Naturally on Netflix it is possible to activate subtitles in different languages. What not everyone knows is that you can also activate the appearance of subtitles, making them larger or with a different color.

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