How To Deactivate Dazn And Unsubscribe

Deactivate Dazn: Come Dazn off or give notice. A widespread request among users of the football streaming service, which deserves a response. We at tuttoteK have decided to give you some information on how to proceed to deactivate or terminate Dazn without complex procedures.

How to Deactivate Dazn and Unsubscribe
How to Deactivate Dazn and Unsubscribe

Daznfor the uninitiated is one of the most popularfootball streaming services. The service is free for the first month, which serves to evaluate any subscription, the problem arises if you are not interested in continuing the partnership.

Many have contacted us through our social media or written in the comment boxes related to our articles to find out how to cancel the service.

That’s why I decided to create an easy and functional guide to explain in detailhow to disable or terminate Dazn.

How to disable Dazn and give notice: here are some useful tips on how to do it!

There could be many factors that push you to want to deactivate or terminateDazn. Your ADSL or fiber line may not be performing well enough, you have decided that the service is not worth the 9.99 euros required for the monthly subscription or you have decided to try to watch yourfootball matches streaming for free .

In a nutshell for one reason or another you do not want to pay the month following the free one or you do not want to continue with this subscription and you want todeactivate your Dazn account.

You tried to do it through the official website and you have not found feedback to be able to deactivate or terminate Dazn.

How to deactivate Dazn and unsubscribe

First you need to know that to deactivate the account it must be 100% functional. In fact, you will need to activate your Dazn account, enter your chosen payment method and follow all the steps necessary to activate the subscription.

Tocancel the Dazn subscriptionfrom your PC, the first thing to do is connect to the official page of the football streaming service. Once connected tothe official Dazn pageyou will have to access your personal area. To do this, simplylog inby entering your access data.

The second step to deactivate your Dazn subscription is to go to the wording ”my account” which you can find in the menu at the top right. Once inside the aforementioned menu you must press on ”unsubscribe“.

Once you have performed these simple operations, you can continue to enjoy your subscription until the end of the current month. But you will not be charged for your payment method. Now you knowhow to cancel your Dazn subscription!

Before saying goodbye, a quick summary

  • Connect to the official Dazn page.
  • Login.
  • Select “my account” from the appropriate menu (top right).
  • Cancel Dazn subscription.

I hope this little guide will be useful in case you need todeactivate Daznor cancel. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us!

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