How To Set Up Reminders For The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo hasn’t had the ability to set reminders for a long time, but the company added functionality in the last update. How to set up reminders for the Echo with Alexa.

How to Set up Reminders for the Amazon Echo

You can set reminders in different ways, on the one hand in the Alexa app on your smartphone and on the other hand with an echo device for your voice. Both are pretty quick and easy.

Set up reminders for the Amazon Echo

Perhaps the most useful way to set up reminders for the amazon echo is by speaking to Alexa. If you’re not near your echo, you can use the Amazon app for iPhone or Ubi for Android.

You can formulate them in different ways:

  • “Alexa, remember my haircut appointment at 1 pm.”
  • “Alexa, remember to do laundry in an hour.”
  • “Alexa set a reminder for 8:00 in the morning.” Then she asks you what it’s about.

When the reminder disappears, an echo sounds and the echo lights up, as well as an indication that you are reminded of your haircut appointment. To reject the reminder, just say “Alexa, stop it.”

You can set multiple reminders, but unfortunately, your Echo cannot prompt you to cancel the reminders. You have to cancel them from the Alexa app on your smartphone, which is a bit inconvenient.

Set reminders in the Alexa app

If you’re not near your Echo, but still want to set up a reminder for later, you can set reminders in the Alexa app and choose which Echo device you want the reminder to activate when you have multiple echoes in your home have or apartment.

To do this, open the Alexa app on your phone and tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen.

Select “Alerts & Alerts”.

Touch Add Reminder.

Then tap on “Remind me” and enter the subject of the reminder, for example “haircut appointment”, “laundry” or “cleaning the kitchen”. Then click “Done”.

Then tap the down arrow to the right of “Date”.

Select a date and click “Done”.

Tap the arrow next to “Time” and choose a time you want to be reminded of. Click “Done”.

The last option is to choose which Echo device you want to be reminded of. Tap the arrow again and select the Echo device.

Click on “Save” button.

Your reminder will appear in the list and your echo will remind you of the task at the time you specified.

To edit the reminder, just tap on it and press “Edit reminder” below.

Make the desired changes and choose “Save Changes”. You can also delete the reminder from this screen by clicking “Delete Reminder”.

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