Top Cheap Or Free Educational Apps For College Students

When smartphones were introduced, most parents and teachers were concerned because students became easily distracted. They tried everything not to allow students to get lost along the way. And their attempts ended in vain.

Top Cheap or Free Educational Apps for College Students
Top Cheap or Free Educational Apps for College Students

Top Cheap or Free Educational Apps for College Students

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Today, developers have created apps that are turning smartphones into virtual classrooms. Students can learn anything with ease and focus. Mobile apps together with advanced learning software are transforming the educational sector.

Educational apps have made learning simple and fun. Today, we are going to share with you the top free or cheap apps for learning. Let’s get started!


The majority of students dream of studying their favorite courses in top universities like MIT, Harvard, or Columbia. However, it’s not easy to get admitted into these universities today.

By downloading EdX on your smartphone, nothing will stop you from achieving your academic and career goals. EdX makes it possible for you to access these universities in the comfort of your home.

You can learn anything you’ve ever wanted using this app. You’ll find video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and study material handouts.


It takes a lot of time and effort to learn any new language. It’s not a fun experience for everyone. If your learning techniques are not adaptive, you’ll quickly lose interest and focus.

Duolingo has made learning easier than ever before. It will help you learn many different languages such as French, English, Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin to name a few interactively and enjoyably.

Top Cheap or Free Educational Apps for College Students

Google Classroom

In every learning institution, students are required to complete and submit their assignments on time. Teachers have to review and grade their students as early as they can. This process is not as easy as it sounds.

They can be incredibly frustrating if they are done manually all the time. Google Classroom is an ultimate solution that streamlines these key processes. Google Classroom is a virtual classroom.

This means that you can use it to correct my essay, send announcements seamlessly, start discussions, create classes, grade assignments, and ask for answers or remarks to name a few.


Group learning is a great app that helps students fill in learning gaps. However, it’s never easy to get several students to assemble in a room and learn together. This app is the answer to this problem. This app will enable you to stay connected with your academic community including your parents.

Once you join this community using your class code, you’ll automatically receive updates on your academic activities.


Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects or courses on campus. Being good at math is not dependent on age or IQ tests. Anyone can excel in it so long as he or she is willing.

Since nobody can solve every complex math problem, Photomath is here to help you solve your problems. Many mathematicians have listed Photomath as one of the top learning apps for college students. It is simple to use and interactive.

All you need to do is take a picture of the problem you want to solve and leave the rest to the app. The best part is you don’t need the internet to access this app. Everything can be done remotely.


Learning using apps is fun, easy, and interactive. The education industry has started understanding the potential of technology in learning. With technological advancements expected to soar in the future, you should expect to have easy access to the best apps in the market.

An educational app will only work if students take their time to learn or organize their academic activities seamlessly. Students who enjoy developing apps should keep on keeping on until they realize their goals.

Today, students can easily succeed if they figure out their gifts and the best ways to use them. With all these facts in mind, you need to know your goals and look for an app that will help you realize them. You’ll enjoy using these five top educational apps.


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