8 Best Applications To Create Meme For Android

Create Meme: Often laugh when reading memes on social media? Or do you like making memes with funny pictures and captions for you to share on social media? It is true that memes are entertainment that many people like because the pictures and writing on memes make us unable to hold back laughter.

8 Best Applications to Create Meme for Android
8 Best Applications to Create Meme for Android

8 Best Applications to Create Meme for Android

Now, to create memes with funny pictures requires an editor application. You can download meme applications on your smartphone. Here are 10 unique meme maker apps that you can try for your android!

1. Meme Generator Free

This first application is an application that can be one of your choices for making memes. This application was developed byZomboDroid, released in 2011 and has a rating of 4.6 / 5 on PlayStore.

This application provides various common meme editing features that you can use to create memes. Have more than 700 examples of high-resolution memes as your guide, availablefonts,stickers, there are meme categories (popular, favorite) to make it easier to find the type of image you want. How, interesting is not it? please click the box below!

Download Meme Generator Free

2. Thesis: Free Meme Generator

This application was developed byKreutze Studios, released in 2017 and has a rating of 4.1 / 5 on PlayStore. Memesis mangklaim as the most intuitive meme maker application, with support for creating collages and lots of pictures.

Memesis makes it possible to combine up to 30 images into one attractive image by applying text. Memesis comes with 7 types offontswith various colors and sizes that can be determined by yourself without any restrictions. In addition, the thesis has flexiblezoomingand panning capabilities making it easier to work when there are pictures in the collage. To get the application directly click the link below!

Download Thesis Meme Generator

3. Comics & Meme Creator

This one application besides being able to make comics, cartoons can also make memes and funny drawings. This application was developed byTilted Chair, released in 2010 and has a rating of 4.3 / 5 on PlayStore.

The features offered by this application are 50+ characters, 50+ objects and 50+ backgrounds for creating comics. While other features are more than 100 popular images that can be used to create memes. You can also import images from the gallery or smartphone camera. Interested? let’s download the application below!

Download Comics & Meme Creator

4. Memedroid – Memes, Gifs, Funny Pics & Meme Maker

This application was developed byNovagecko, released in 2011 and has a rating of 4.5 / 5 on PlayStore. Have fun with the best memes, awesomegifs,andfunny picsevery day for free with this application.

Not only making memes, but this application also provides memes from several communities. You can find new memes every day. a popular meme template is available, you can also save and share any memes. You know, actually, some of the most popular memes on the internet are made by non-professional writers with a high sense of humor. let’s try using this application!

Download Memedroid

5. piZap

This application was developed bypiZap, released in 2013 and has a rating of 4.4 / 5 on PlayStore. This application has many features such as editing photos, making memes, making special designs, making collages or designing anything.

Using this application is that there are 1.6 million stock images, 367 fonts,filters with various colors and bright that you might not find in other applications, collagelayouts, thousands of fun colorful stickers. Come download now!

Download piZap

6. GATM Meme Generator

This application was developed byIDDQD, released in 2012 and has a rating of 4.4 / 5 on PlayStore. Create and browser memes that are easy to use. Stay engulfed every day with hundreds of popular memes and thousands of memes that can be traced as inspiration or entertainment.

The extra features offered by this application are creating your own images, searching and sorting to make it easier to find memes easily, can be moved to SD to further save internal storage space on your android when the meme template contained in this application isupdated.

In addition, there is a direct preview feature when creating (if there is a shortage when editing/making memes you can fix it) and memes that you create can be shared with social media directly. If you are interested, let’s click the box below!

Download GATM Meme Generator

7. Memasik – Meme Maker Free

This application was developed byMemasik, released in 2017 and has a rating of 4.4 / 5 on PlayStore. This application can be another alternative for you to make memes. This application offers various features to make your funny memes.

Features offered:

  • large data-based memes, applications that are updated gradually
  • available classic and popular
  • the ability to use photos/memes/stickers yourself
  • there are many thematic stickers
  • can draw to write messages using your own hands, and so on

In addition, this application provides meme community features. You can use this feature to find inspiration, visit other people’s meme posts, or publish your work here. Do you want to try downloading the application? directly click below!

Download Memasik

8. Meme Generator Pro 2020

This application was developed byJavokhir Sherbaev, released in 2019 and has a rating of 4.0 / 5 on PlayStore. Free meme generator application with a simple interface and complete photo editor.

Claims to have all the advanced features such as: browsing empty memes every day, special empty box meme templates for creating new memes, finding popular memes inoffline mode,adding stickers, emojis or just with graffiti, creatingTamil memes,having hundreds of meme faces, add image layers to memes, withoutwatermarksand so on.

Well, has a fairly complete feature right? let’s just click below to download the application!

Meme Generator – Daily Popular Memes

These are the best applications to create memes for social media using android mobile. Enjoy the applications. if you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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