All Questions About Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Explained. Use Practice Tests For Guaranteed Success

The Microsoft AZ-204 exam is suitable for cloud developers who want to leverage their careers and want to learn more about cloud features and services. As the IT job market is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive each year, candidates wonder whether this exam is worth their effort. One thing is certain.

All Questions about Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Explained

If you decide to take this Microsoft assessment, you will congratulate yourself on taking one of the best decisions for your career so far. Thus, we have created this article to help you understand everything about AZ-204 test.

We have selected the most popular questions that potential candidates are asking when they decide to take their AZ-204 assessment. Also, we will reveal the secret of practice tests and how they make the difference in your preparation routine.

Top Questions on AZ-204 Test Explained

What are the topics covered by AZ-204 assessment?

Well, this exam focuses on five major topics. You should be proficient in developing Azure storage, compute solutions, and security.

Also, you will have to develop advanced skills in monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions. Finally, you should be prepared to connect to different Azure services and consume third-party services.

Which are the prerequisites for AZ-204?

Even though the vendor doesn’t specify any mandatory requirements for candidates who want to take their AZ-204 test, Microsoft recommends exam-takers to have at least one or two years of practical experience in developing different cloud solutions and use Microsoft Azure cloud solutions for improving business processes.

Also, if you have a strong experience in programming Azure solutions using high-level language services, it will be easier for you to pass AZ-204.

What are the best training alternatives to pass the Microsoft AZ-204 test?

Training is important if you want to get the passing score in your AZ-204 assessment. Microsoft experts are constantly monitoring whether the training alternatives offer sufficient information to help candidates overcome the test.

Thus, when you decide to register for AZ-204 exam, you should visit the exam official page for additional details.

The Microsoft learning path offers different training alternatives to help you understand all exam concepts from the beginning.

For example, you can choose between various free online classes and learn everything about how to create a serverless application and connect different Azure services and features together. The online classes will also tell you more about data storage and website deployment using Azure virtual machines.

What is more, you can also leverage your skills if you use instructor-led training. This preparation option offers you an interactive experience.

It means that you will attend an intensive class where you will have the opportunity to learn from the best Microsoft trainers.

If you want to evaluate your readiness level, you shouldn’t forget about practice tests. They should come as a final stage in your preparation process and help you identify whether you should focus on certain topics or not.


If you have decided to take the Microsoft AZ-204 test, you shouldn’t wait any longer. This exam helps you leverage your career as an Azure developer.

As training influences considerably your success in AZ-204, you should pay close attention to how well you choose your preparation materials.

Instructor-led training, practice tests, and online classes can be a winning combination in the main assessment. So, what are you waiting for?

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