Microsoft 70-742 Exam Preparation And Why You Should Study With Exam Dumps

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Preparation and Why You Should Study with Exam Dumps
Microsoft 70-742 Exam Preparation and Why You Should Study with Exam Dumps

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Preparation and Why You Should Study with Exam Dumps


For anyone desiring to become a network administrator or specialist, possessing the right IT skills is necessary. They may wish to begin with basic skills by passing an MTA related exam, and then turn to MCSA assessments and earn the specific credential that can equip them with those relevant skills to work as a network administrator or specialist.

So, this post is about the Microsoft exam 70-742 that deals with Windows Server 2016 Identities. If you’re interested in taking this accreditation, read this post to understand how you can prepare for it.

And before we cover tips to help you with your exam prep, there are important details you will have to know about We will start by unveiling them.

What Is Microsoft 70-742 about?

Microsoft offers universally recognized exams that also include Certbolt70-742 that was designed to test your mastery of real-world skills touching on the Windows 2016 identity functionality.

After succeeding in this assessment, you will become skillful in installing, configuring the AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services), and the implementation of group policy targeting non-Nano servers.

Other areas covered by this test are the AD CS (Active Directory Certificate Services) and AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services). Also, candidates must demonstrate their skills in implementing the Web App proxy.

On passing the Microsoft 70-742 test, you will be awarded the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge. Prior to this, there are other two assessments in which you need to hit the passing score requirements to fully earn this MCSA certification.

These are exams with codes 70-740 and Exam-Labs Page. But what are the peculiarities of test 70-742? Well, you need to register and pay $165 before being given a chance to take this exam. And since 70-742 is MCSA accreditation, you will have an allowance of 120 minutes to fill in the answers to 40-60 questions.

Part of your exam preparation must include the proper knowledge of the different question formats. You need to be aware of the appearance of test questions in case study, build list, active screen, best answer, multiple choices, short answer, and more.

This will help you while taking the real assessment since you will have been prepared based on the knowledge of the variety of formats. Also, passing 70-742 with a score of 700 points and above, where the maximum points are 1000, is what you need to deserve the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge.

Exam 70-742 Preparation Tips and Techniques

Arming yourself with the experience and skills that the Microsoft test 70-742 is going to be based on will count towards your good performance.

Follow the tips below to attain both the experience and the knowledge base for acing your upcoming Microsoft accreditation with ease:

Take Microsoft training

Once you are aware of the intention of your exam, the next step should be finding effective ways to go through its objectives.

Microsoft official instructor-led training is usually intensive since trainers are qualified in the field of Windows Server 2016 identity, and it is available in a classroom and on-demand options that contain labs and are conducted in accordance with the official Microsoft content.

In addition to instructor-led training, the vendor also offers 2 online courses for Download 70-742 test that are free of charge.

Study with exam 70-742 book

Microsoft has official books prepared for their exams. Exam Ref 70-742 study guide has been written while considering the assessment objectives.

This is to give you confidence during your test preparation. It’s mostly helpful if you are using it alongside other exam prep materials and methods such as training courses, exam dumps, and labs.

Practice for your assessment with

Through practice, you can encounter critical exam characteristics and requirements. So, exam dumps make the best materials for practicing for any test. This is because they contain past exam questions designed like the actual one.

Those braindumps available on the website, for example, contain everything you will require to overcome your exam. To test yourself initially, you can get the 70-742 vce files for free which you can download from this online platform.

And apart from no-fee 70-742 exam dumps, you can also get access to a high-quality & expert-validated dump for studying for this Microsoft assessment. has a valuable package for here 70-742 popularly identified as the Premium Bundle to be purchased at $39.97.

In it, you will find an exam dump with 267 questions and answers, 76 video lectures in one training course, and a study guide with 1639 pages. But keep in mind that to open these dumps you’ll need the VCE Exam Simulator.

Study in groups

Another way to get through the process of exam preparation is to identify others who are getting ready for the same test. You can be meeting physically if you are not far from each other or meet virtually if one-on-one meetings are impossible.

The best way to have an effective discussion group is to make sure everyone contributes. It is possible that if you find one or two topics hard to you visit, somebody else can be good at them and can easily explain them to you.

Dedicate yourself to your studies

Studying can only be effective if you are dedicated from the start. Take time to plan your studies before you begin your prep. With a plan, you will be guided on what you need to do.

Practice commitment and never give way to distractions that are not supportive of your exam 70-742 preparation. When it comes to the time you have determined to study, ensure that you are available, and actually study.


It is one thing to have a goal and it is another to put in the effort to achieve it. For the Microsoft 70-742 test, dedication towards the process of preparation is necessary. This is the only way to achieve your desired aim of obtaining the download MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification.

Commit to your studies while using trustworthy exam dumps, the official Microsoft training courses, and the study guide. And to enjoy the benefits of being certified, your journey towards this Microsoft badge should begin today. Start making your plans now and work on them immediately.

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