Top 5 Android Applications for Watching Movies and TV Shows

Top 5 Android Applications for Watching Movies and TV Shows

Even though thousands of films are released each year in theaters, there are still many people who are still interested in watching movies and tv shows through an android smartphone.

Compared to last year, the number of applicants for watching movies and TV shows is increasing pseat. Indeed, using the Android application to watch movies is very practical. You don’t need to leave the bed to watch your favorite pickles on television.

There are very many applications that serve to watch movies and TV shows. Starting that must be subscribed every month or annually and there is also an Android application for watching movies that you can enjoy for free.

Top 5 Android Applications for Watching Movies and TV Shows
Top 5 Android Applications for Watching Movies and TV Shows

Top 5 Android Applications for Watching Movies and TV Shows

That is why, here we will discuss some of the best Android applications for watching movies and TV shows that we recommend for readers of this article.

1. Netflix

Netflix is an android application for streaming movies and TV shows currently the most popular, especially in the United States. On Netflix you can watch many tv shows and movies by subscribing for a year.

From old English films to Indian films and various foreign TV shows, you can find them all on Netflix. This application is very easy to use because its features are easy to use and not too complicated.

Download Netflix

The price of this application there are several kinds of packages that you can choose. The BASIC package costs around $ 7.99 / month, the STANDARD package costs around $ 10.99 / month and the PREMIUM package costs around $ 13.99 / month.

The main difference from all these packages is that you can get HD resolution in the STANDARD package and Ultra HD resolution in the PREMIUM package. In addition, you can stream only one device for the BASIC package, 2 devices for the STANDARD package, and a maximum of 4 devices for the PREMIUM package. The Netflix application is very easy to use, you can search for your favorite movies through the categories provided.

2. YouTube

If you use an Android smartphone, it’s certain you already have the YouTube app because almost all Android manufacturers have included this application on the platform by default.

Download Youtube

YouTube is the best video streaming application, there you can watch videos and even upload videos too. You can find many films and TV shows.

Now Youtube is starting to be crowded with channels from the television industry that can make it easier for you to watch tv shows through the android application.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a movie and TV show streaming application that is very cool because it can download to Android. Although the collection from Amazon Prime Video is no bigger than Netflix, it can already be said to be pretty good. The best feature of this application is it has several features that you can use to process what you watch.

Donwload Amazon Prime

For example, you can cut the event for 15 seconds which you can then use for other purposes. You can also find tv shows, English films, Indian films and several other foreign films in this application.

To watch videos on the Amazon Prime Video application, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime. Subscription costs about $ 8.99 / month if you want to watch only Prime videos. There is another $ 12.99 / month package that will provide two days of video, unlimited music streaming, and unlimited photo storage.

3. Hotstar

If you want to watch live TV channels, TV shows and movies, Hotstar might be the best choice you can use. Hotstar is an application from India that offers Indian TV shows and films. In addition, you can also watch western TV series such as the walking dead, game of thrones and others.

Download Hotstar

5. Tubi TV

If you want something new and free, you can delete Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. Tubi TV can watch countless TV shows and movies for free.

From Korean dramas to English documentaries, you can find them all on Tubi TV. You can choose a category to search for your favorite shows.

Download Tubi TV


Those are some Android Application Recommendations for Watching Movies & TV Series that you can enjoy via Android. Very practical without the need to be complicated to see on television. Enough with the Android smartphone you can unlimitedly watch movies and TV shows via Android.

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