How to Merge Songs Using Application or Online

Merge Songs: Want to make a few songs into one mp3 file? How to combine songs is actually very easy. Even you can just use an Android cellphone. Song merging is often used for audio editing. 

They often make pieces of songs which are then combined into one. Some people assume that combining songs is a complicated job and requires a PC. But apparently, even using an android cellphone you can combine mp3 files easily.

How to Merge Songs Using Application or Online
How to Merge Songs Using Application or Online

How to Merge Songs on a Smartphone

Combining songs is actually quite easy. The reason is, you can even use several choices of types of ways to do it. You can use the application on an Android phone or without using an application that is online so that PC and iPhone devices can also try it. Here are some applications that are able to combine songs on the cellphone.


Timbre is an application that can be used to combine many songs into one mp3 file. This application is free and can be installed via Playstore easily.


How to merge songs on an Android phone:

  1. Install the Timbre application on your mobile.
  2. If already installed open the application.
  3. On the front page select the Join option in the Audio menu.
  4. Tap the Plus button then select the song you want to combine.
  5. Then select the output format you want.
  6. Wait for the song merging process to finish.
  7. Now you have successfully combined songs.

Timbre supports audio formats mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, pcm, aiff, ogg, wma, alac, wv. In addition to audio, this application also provides features for video processing.

MP3 Audio Mergers and Joiners

From the name of the application, you must understand that this application is intended to combine mp3 audio. This application is proven to be powerful enough to merge songs, because it has been installed more than 1 million times on Android.

MP3 Audio Mergers and Joiners
MP3 Audio Mergers and Joiners

How to combine many songs into one mp3:

  1. Install the MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner application.
  2. After that open the application.
  3. You will see your own song list.
  4. Add songs you want to combine into one.
  5. Then tap the Merge button.
  6. Select the song format and select the Join option.
  7. Tap Continue> give name> specify location.
  8. Wait for the song merging process to finish.

If the song merge is complete, then you can find the results according to the location you specify.

How to Merge Songs Online

The next method is to use an online song merging service. This method means you don’t need help from any application.

Apart from that, you can also combine songs on iPhone and PC. The reason is, you only need a web browser application and an internet connection.

Audio Joiner

Audio Joiner is a website that is quite popular as a web that is able to unite several mp3 files into one. You can even combine many songs into one album with just a few steps.

Audio Joiner
Audio Joiner

How to merge songs without an application:

  1. Run a web browser application such as chrome, firefox, or safari.
  2. Visit the following website
  3. Enter the songs you want to combine.
  4. Then click the Merge button.
  5. Wait for the song merge process to finish.
  6. After that you can download the results.

Although it’s free, this service doesn’t have song restrictions. So, you are free to enter even a large number of songs.


Clideo provides services for combining songs online. You can use the services of Clideo for free, how to use it is also very easy.


Here’s how to merge songs online:

  1. Go to using a browser.
  2. Then Choose file then select your songs.
  3. Wait for the song upload process to finish.
  4. Then you will be directed to the editing stage.
  5. Then click the Merge button at the bottom.
  6. The merging process will run, wait a few moments.
  7. Click the download button to retrieve your song.

In the editing stage, you can shift the placement of songs to be more presentable and pleasant when heard. You are free to enter any song on this website without worrying about restrictions.

That is the way to combine songs into one on the Android HP application and without the application, which uses online services that can be used for iPhone and PC devices. May be useful!

How to Register and Use LinkAja

Register and Use LinkAja: LinkAja is an electronic money service or e-money issued by Telkomsel company. At the beginning of this e-money service expenditure, Telkomsel used Tcash as the name of the digital service that was issued. As from February 2019, Tcash changed to LinkAja.

How to Register and Use LinkAja
How to Register and Use LinkAja

By using LinkAja you can use it for online purchases, payment of credit card bills, Cable TV, PDAM, Insurance, etc.

You need to know that LinkAja is still the same as Tcash. With LinkAja, you can shop using LinkAja balances at many outlets that have worked with Telkomsel. Outlets that have worked together with Telkomsel are marked with NFC stickers (TCASH TAP).

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication Technology on the basis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). NFC technology is now very widely used in many services, such as train card payments, e-tolls, and many others.

With this technology, you no longer need to slip the card at the time of the transaction. To use the LinkAja service you must register and know how to use it. Follow how to register and use LinkAja which we will discuss.

How to Register and Use LinkAja

For those of you who are just about to use the LinkAja application, you can download this application in Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOS). You can register using the LinkAja Application or you can also use the USSD code provided by Telkomsel.

If you are new to the LinkAja application, then see how to register and use the LinkAja application below.

Register using the Application

  • Open the LinkAja application that you have downloaded.
  • Press-Register / Sign Up to register
  • Fill in the cellphone number to be registered and make a secret pin as a password.
  • After finishing, you can immediately use the LinkAja account that has been registered

Register Using the USSD Code

In addition to the application, you can also register by accessing the USSD code.

  • Press * 800 * 88 * 6 PIN # in the call menu (fill the pin to your liking).
  • Then you will enter the registration menu, press 1 to continue.
  • Done.

Remember carefully the pin you entered, because it will be the password to enter your account.

But to use it you must have enough balance to transact with LinkAja. You must top up your balance to be able to use LinkAja as a non-cash payment tool.

LinkAja Top-Up Balance

One of the advantages that you can find in this application is the convenience to top up your balance. You can Top Up your balance anywhere. Top Up LinkAja balance can be done by visiting the GraPARI way, Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, or the nearest Minimarket.

Top Up Link Only Through Bank Transfer

If you use the bank transfer option, you can use ATM, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. Here are the steps:

Top Up with Mobile Banking

  • Enter your mobile banking application.
  • Select the Transfer menu to another bank account.
  • Then select the linkAja transfer destination with bank code 911
  • then enter the cellphone number registered at LinkAja as the destination account.
  • Enter the balance you wish to transfer.
  • Complete the transfer process according to instructions.

Top Up Link Only Through ATM

  • Insert the ATM card and enter your ATM PIN.
  • Select the Balance Transfer to bank account menu.
  • Then enter the bank code for LinkAja: 911.
  • The account number of information to be addressed is the telephone number registered at LinkAja (ex. 081234567xxx).
  • Then enter the amount of money that will be TopUp
  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Top Up at the Minimarket

If you want to top up your balance at the Minimarket, all you have to do is make a token first. Create a token with * 800 * 3 # access then enter your pin.

After that, you will receive an SMS in the form of a pin to TopUp LinkAja balance. Show the pin that you received to the cashier, then the cashier will process your account balance TopUp. All proof of your transaction will be sent via SMS.

Top Up Through GraPARI

An alternative way to fill your LinkAja balance can be done by visiting the nearest GraPARI. You simply convey your requirements for TopUp LinkAja to the service. Next, you will be asked for your Telkomsel number and nominal amount to be topped up.

The process of TopUp on GraPARI is also very short, you only need 5-10 minutes for TopUp. Then you can use the LinkAja application for all your payment needs. Whether it’s payments at various outlets that work with Telkomsel or monthly bill payments.

In addition, you can also withdraw LinkAja balance by visiting GraPARI or Minimarket which has cooperated with Telkomsel. With advances in technology, e-money can replace payments by non-cash wherever and whenever. LinkAja can also be one of your choices as a payment application that is currently available.

Hopefully, with this article, it can add to your insight about the new LinkAja application you are using.

Asus Router Default Login and Password

If you are an Asus router user and don’t know how to log into your Asus router administration panel! OR Forgot your Asus router password and username, this article can help.

Asus Router Default Login and Password
Asus Router Default Login and Password

In this article, you will get the instructions for connecting to the Asus router. And find out how to reset the Asus administrator password and the Asus WiFi password. Read the article and carefully follow the instructions for connecting to the Asus wireless router.

Asus Router Default Login and Password

Here are the connection instructions for the Asus router which will help you log into the administration panel of your Asus router. If you forgot the connection to Asus Router, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Connection instructions for the Asus router


    • Your Asus router
    • Internet access.
    • And your mobile device or PC


Follow the steps to connect to the Asus wireless router.

    1. First, open a browser on your device.
    2. Then enter the IP address ( , , or ) according to the configuration of your router in the bar address.
      You can also see the label on the back of your Asus router.
    3. After that, you will be redirected to the Asus Router login page.
    4. Now enter the username and password. You can enter admin as the default username and password if you have not changed them before.

Note: You can also visit to access the administration panel.

How to reset the Asus admin password

    1. First, open your web browser on your mobile or PC connected to your Asus router.
    2. Then enter your router’s IP address in the address bar. Example:, you can enter the IP address of your router.
    3. Now log in by entering your credentials. You can also enter admin as the default username and password.
    4. Then select the status. And then go to Security.
    5. Now you can change the username and password of your Asus router from Dropdown.

How to reset Asus WiFi password?

If you forgot the WiFi password of your Asus router, you can reset it by following the steps mentioned below.

    1. First, open the administration panel of your Asus router. You can open it by following the instructions in the sections above.
    2. Then, from the dashboard, access the administrative settings.
    3. And then go to the Wireless panel.
    4. Now select the SSID with the WiFi band (only if your router supports multiple bands)
    5. Select WEP / WPA2 as the type of password protection.
    6. Then enter a new password for your WiFi. And then click save. And you’re done.


How do I connect to my Asus router?

    • First, open your web browser.
    • And in the address bar, enter and press search.
    • Now enter your username and password. You can enter admin as the user name and password if you have not changed them.
    • Then click OK . And then click on Go.

What is the user name and password for my Asus router?

    • First, visit your router’s login page. By entering , , or depending on the configuration of your router in the address bar of your browser.
    • Then enter admin as the default username and password.

How do I connect to my router?

    • First, open any web browser and visit
    • , , or depending on the configuration of your router.
    • Now enter the username and password. You can enter admin as the user name and password if you have not changed them before.
    • Click OK and you’re done.

How do I access my Asus router after rebooting?

Some routers allow you to access without a password after resetting. And if he asks for a password, you can see the password on the back of your router or on your router’s packaging box. By entering this password, you can access your router after a reset.


So this was the full tutorial on connecting to the Asus router. I hope this article will help you. By following the steps in the article, you can easily log into the Asus admin panel and easily change your Asus router administrator password or Asus WiFi password.

App Store Can’t Connect Solution – Detailed Description

App Store Can’t Connect: It is known by everyone that a platform called App Store should be used for downloading, installing and updating applications on iPhone models made by Apple.

App Store Can't Connect Solution - Detailed Description
App Store Can’t Connect Solution – Detailed Description

However, if you have updated iOS 11 or iOS 12 on your phones with the latest updates, you will encounter an important problem when you want to install any application afterwards. At the beginning of these problems, there is an error that the app store cannot connect and everyone is looking for a solution.

After performing iOS version updates, the app store unable to connect error will usually appear when you want to download an application. In fact, the same problem is one of the similar problems faced by smartphone users on Android devices, namely during the use of Google Play.

However, since the infrastructure of the iOS operating system is very different from the Android operating system, it provides a different process in implementing the solution. However, finding the solution is very simple and it is enough to perform an easy operation.

App Store Can’t Connect Error Comprehensive Solution

Internet connection problems on your Apple smart devices can often cause the app store not to connect . In this case, in order to get a solution, if you are connected to WiFi network, you must stop the wireless network connection on your phone and then switch to mobile data.

If you prefer to use mobile data on the contrary, you must connect to a wireless network after turning off mobile data.

If this practical application does not create the right solution, you can create a trial by turning the phone off and on, that is, by rebooting. Again, as an internet connection, you can switch between 4.5G connection and 3G connection and try the solution.
Also, in this context, you may have encountered problems with the network features you are connected to, namely DNS settings.
In this case, even if the wireless networks you use are deemed to be solid, you can try to connect with the wireless network at another point, as Apple Store may have restrictions that hinder development.

Sign out of your Apple account as a different solution method. However, be sure to first note your Apple account username and password at some point. After signing out, log back into your Apple account with the user information.

To do this, you first need to go to the settings section on your phone and touch the dot that says your name. Then, you can click on the iTunes App Store section and choose the first option to log out.

Among the different solutions, you may need to correct the date information and set the time again, as the phone’s date is often incorrect. Since the phone software can sometimes be out of date, you can check whether the updates are complete from the settings, general section, software updates section for solutions to this kind of problem.

At the solution point, if you have tried all these operations for the app store cannot connect error, if the problem still exists, you can perform a phone reset after logging into the iTunes application.

GameGuardian No Root Apk for Android | 100% works

Have you ever tried to unlock in-app purchases? but it was not successful? If yes, then you have come to the right page. A few months ago, I also did the same and tried to unlock purchases via the app using GameGuardian no root Apk.

GameGuardian No Root Apk for Android | 100% works
GameGuardian No Root Apk for Android | 100% works

Fortunately, I was successful. But the problem is that this application requires root access.

But now we have found a simple method that works without root. And today I’m going to show you the same method that I used GameGuardian No Root Apk with.

GameGuardian No Root Apk for Android?

To hack in-app purchases, you need to download certain apps to your device. By doing so, you will be able to use GameGuardian on a non-rooted device. Let’s see how to do it as follows:

Step 1: Create a GameGuardian Clone Using Parallel Space

  • Download and install the Parallel Space app on your Android device.
  • Once done, you will need the GameGuardian Apk file .
  • Download the GameGuardian Apk file.
  • When done, tap on the Apk file.
  • Now your device will ask for installation permissions.
  • Just press the install button and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Now open Parallel Space App on your device.
  • Tap Clone apps.
  • Select Game Guardian App and press the Add to Parallel Space button.
  • Now open the GameGuardian app in the parallel space .
  • You will see pop-ups on your screen. Click OK or just ignore them.
  • Then you need to press the check button and then the Start button .
  • This will activate the application but wait until it is not yet finished.

Step 2: Download and install an additional GameGuardian file

  • Close the Parallel Space application.
  • You will now see two similar GameGuardian applications on your screen.
  • Just launch the one with “ HW ” written on it.
  • Now you will see a pop-up on your screen.
  • Select the 32-bit option in the pop-up window.
  • Now GameGuardian will install on your device.
  • A pop-up window with a configuration option appears.
  • Just tap on the Settings option.
  • This will launch the settings menu on your device.
  • Of the. Just activate the option “ Allow from this source “
  • Press the previous button.
  • You will now see an additional file with the GameGuardian logo on your screen.
  • Just tap the install button.
  • As soon as this is done, you will be asked to delete the old version.
  • Just click OK and the old version will be removed from your device.
  • Now you will see another pop-up window with three options on your screen.
  • Choose ” Exit ” from the available options.

Step 3: Launch GameGuardian No Root Apk

  • Open Parallel Space on your device.
  • Click on Add an application.
  • Select GameGuardian.
  • Select the additional file this time.
  • Tap Add to parallel space.
  • That’s all! Now you can use Gameguardian on your device.
  • Always make sure you have a few coins in the game before using GameGuardian.


That’s all! That was the whole guide to downloading and installing Gameguardian on a non-rooted device. I hope you found this useful.


IObit Driver Booster: The Best Driver Pack Solution Online

Best Driver Pack Solution: The drivers are software that allow the operating system to communicate with the hardware. A graphics card, network card, or audio controller without drivers can make the system unstable or not work at all.

IObit Driver Booster: The Best Driver Pack Solution Online
IObit Driver Booster: The Best Driver Pack Solution Online

IObit Driver Booster: The Best Driver Pack Solution Online

Each time you reinstall a new operating system, you lose the drivers for certain devices, such as no more Wi-Fi connection or more sound, in which case, all you need to do is update the drivers for all your devices. to be able to use them.

There are several ways to update your drivers:

  • The hardware manufacturers therefore regularly update the drivers for their hardware online, for free download.
  • Download and use Drivers Pack Solution or DPS , this regularly updated software, contains the drivers for all basic devices, a very good tool for computer maintenance. In its latest version, it weighs more than 12GB. Its advantage is that the installation of the drivers is offline, once it has already been downloaded.
  • There are several other online tools and software that allow you to automatically update your drivers, including DriverMax, Driver Detective, etc. IObit Driver Booster .

Most of the utilities for updating Windows drivers are chargeable but the free version of IObit Driver Booster is enough to update its drivers, there is no limit to download drivers with this software.

Driver Booster is software that automatically searches for hardware drivers on a computer. In addition to detection, it can install the driver directly for the user.

Compared to the previous version, Driver Booster 5 has significantly expanded its online database with more than 1,000,000 device drivers and game components, including the rare ones.

Using a brand new analysis engine, Driver Booster 5 allows you to check old, incorrect and missing drivers and to take the best drivers for various PC devices such as Graphics, Audio, Net, Printer and Chipset.

Features of IObit Driver Booster

  • Identify Missing & Defective Drivers
  • Maximize the Game Experience
  • Secure update certified by WHQL
  • Update your machine’s drivers with one click
  • Windows 10/8/7 / XP compatible

Download IObit Driver Booster

download IObit Driver Booster

How to update your drivers with IObit Driver Booster

After installing Driver Booster, launch the Driver Booster scans all devices at startup and displays the status of your device drivers.

Click on “Update”
It’s done, Otherwise What do you think of this software? How do you update the drivers?

Root Explorer APK 4.2.1 Free Download

Root Explorer Pro APK 4.2.1 is one of the best file management apps you can have on your Android smartphone. The application indeed has very good features and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

Root Explorer APK 4.2.1 Free Download
Root Explorer APK 4.2.1 Free Download

The app is appreciated by more than 25,000 users who gave the app a rating of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

Root Explorer APK 4.2.1 Free Download

Whenever we talk about a mobile operating system, without a doubt, the Android operating system is always the first to hit our mind. Well, there are already many choices available on the Mobile operating system. However, Android stands out from the crowd because it is highly customizable and packed with cool features.

If we look around, we will find that the majority of smartphones run on an Android operating system. We use our smartphone for various purposes to make calls, text, play games, listen to music, etc.

We also click on photos and record videos. However, when it comes to managing all of these multimedia files, the File Manager app for Android becomes a necessity. If we take a look at the Android Google Play Store, we will find the countless number of apps out there. We will find many file managers for Android devices.

Basically, the File Manager apps for Android allows the user to access memory and data such as music, apps, videos and pictures in one place on their smartphone. It also gives you access to your Android’s physical memory bank.

With the help of a good file manager application, you can view all types of files and folders associated with the Android operating system and it allows users to edit, copy, move and delete them from place to place. ‘other. Well, Root Explorer Pro Apk is one of that application which can meet the need of a file manager on your Android.

What is Root Explorer Pro APK?

As we know file manager application for an Android operating system is a necessity. It helps a user to view all types of files found on Android. In addition, the file manager also helps users to copy, move and delete files from one place to another.

Root Explorer Pro APK is one of the best file management apps you can have on your Android smartphone. The application indeed has very good features and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. The app is appreciated by more than 25,000 users who gave the app a rating of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

Well, Root Explorer Apk is the ultimate file manager for root users. With the help of Root Explorer Premium, you can access the entire Android file system, including hidden folders. The app also has advanced features like multiple tabs and it supports many formats.

Root Explorer Premium APK works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. However, if you have an unrooted Android smartphone, you can just access files, photos, music, documents and do all the basic things.

However, if you have a rooted Android smartphone, you can perform advanced tasks such as accessing hidden files and folders from an Android operating system.

Features of Root Explorer Premium APK 4.2.1:

Root Explorer APK is a file manager app for your Android that provides you with broad support for cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and more. It is essentially a file management application which allows you to view all files and folders associated with the Android operating system and allows users to modify, delete, copy or move them from one place to another.

It also comes with several other features which we will describe below. So below we are going to mention some key features of the root Android Explorer app. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features.

  • Multiple tabs – easily navigate between different locations by swiping or clicking on a tab
  • Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network support (SMB)
  • Multiple themes (light, dark and home wallpaper)
  • Perform long operations (for example, copy, move) in the background
  • Stream video and audio from the network and the cloud to media player applications
  • Create home screen shortcuts to files and folders
  • “Open with” function allowing to open files as generic type or using specific applications
  • View properties of files and folders, including size, date, and MD5 checksum

Root Explorer 4.2.1 Pro APK Download for Android:

Well, the app is already available on the Google Play Store, the most popular app in the world. However, if you have a problem or have a problem downloading the app, you can download it here. Here is the latest version of Root Explorer Pro APK which receives updates.

How to install Root Explorer Pro on Android:

Root Explorer Pro Apk is a great file manager app for Android that provides users with countless features. It offers the user a large support for cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud. Not only these, the application also allows the user to connect to their PC and many remote servers. Let’s learn how to install Root Explorer on an Android device.

Step 1 . First of all, you need to download the latest version of Root Explorer Pro Latest Apk 2018 to your Android smartphone from the download link above or below.


Step 2 . After downloading to your smartphone, you need to activate the unknown source on your device. To do this, you should visit Settings> Security> Unknown sources

Step 3 . Now you need to install the downloaded APK file on your Android. To do this, you need to browse the location where you saved the APK file, and then install it.

Step 4 . Now open the app from your apps drawer and grant all the permissions requested by the app.

There you are! This is how you can download and install Root Explorer Pro on your Android smartphone. You can now enjoy Root Explorer on your Android smartphone. these are just a few simple steps that you need to follow carefully in order to install this app on your Android without any errors.

Isn’t it simple? Well, if you are still having a problem installing the app, then be sure to chat with us in the comments box at the end of this article.

We have also mentioned one of the easiest and most convenient methods to install Root Explorer APK on your Android smartphone.

If you have a problem with any of the steps mentioned, be sure to chat with us in the comment section below. So what do you think? Share your opinions in the comments box below.


DT Ignite app: Everything you need to know about it

Have you recently learned about the term DT Ignite, but aren’t sure what it means exactly? Then you are on the right page. Today, in this post, I’m going to share the full information on the DT Ignite app , because during my research, I found many people who still don’t know it.

DT Ignite app: Everything you need to know about it
DT Ignite app: Everything you need to know about it

DT Ignite app: Everything you need to know about it

So after seeing this, I decided to provide information on this subject and that is the reason why I wrote this blog. So, without losing more, let’s go and see what it really means?

What is DT Ignite?

DT Ignite is support software that ships with some Android devices preinstalled. It was launched in 2014 and you cannot see it in your normal application library. Recently, some people have noticed that bloatware is reactivated automatically, even after deactivating it. People point the finger at Verizon, but Ignite is used by many carriers who may or may not be responsible for it.

The application is running in the background and there are many possible causes for this problem.

What problems do people face?

People have reported problems on several forums that I found while researching this topic. The most common issues are:

  1. DT-Ignite reactivates after the recent update. This problem may be due to the behavior of your device. You can deactivate the application again. If you don’t know how to deactivate, keep reading and we’ll share the steps below.
  2. The DT-Ignite application does not appear in the application manager. If you want to see DT-Ignite in your application manager, just click on the system applications to see it.
  3. The DT-Ignite application runs automatically even after disabling it. This problem is not common because it has not encountered many users. If you have this problem, try to reset your device or perform a factory reset.

What can you do to resolve this problem?

If you encounter these problems over and over again, we recommend that you deactivate the DT Ignite application. Here are the steps to deactivate the DT Ignite application:

  1. First, swipe your finger to access the notification bar.
  2. Then click on the “Gear” icon located at the top right of your screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Applications section. Once you find it, click on it.
  4. In App Manager, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. After that click on “Show System Apps” and you’re ready to turn it off.
  6. Find and tap the “DT Ignite” app.
  7. On the next screen, tap on the “Disable” option and you’re done.


You now have all the information and knowledge on the exact meaning of the term “DT Ignite”. I hope you found this post useful.

FRP Bypass APK Free Download | 100% working guide

Are you looking for the FRP Bypass Apk? If yes, then you are on the right page. The protection against resets factory is a new feature provided by Google with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

FRP Bypass APK Free Download | 100% working guide
FRP Bypass APK Free Download | 100% working guide

This is a new security feature from Google designed to protect the data of smartphone users. This feature helps you protect your personal data if your phone is stolen or lost in error.

When you set up a Google account on your Android device, FRP is automatically activated. But if you’ve lost your Google account credentials, then FRP can become a problem for you.

What is FRP Bypass Apk?

If you’ve already done the hard reset process on your phone, you’ll need to enter your Google Account ID and password to open it.

But don’t worry, there are many applications and methods to bypass the FRP. You can clear data from Google accounts on your phone with FRP Bypass Apk and your phone will be unlocked.

Online FRP bypass method (paid)

If the FRP bypass method given above does not work, you can try to leave the website below to bypass your phone’s FRP lock. But you have to pay a small amount for it. 100% refund if they can’t unlock your phone. And it’s a 100% working method .

Download FRP Bypass Apk 2019 Version 8.0

Below is the download link for FRP Bypass APK. The file size is very small, so you can download it within 2 seconds. So let’s go to the link:

Here is the link for the application you are waiting for:


Old versions Details

Version number Launch year
FRP Bypass Apk 1.0 2015
FRP Bypass Apk 5.1 2016
FRP Bypass Apk 6.0 2017
FRP Bypass Apk 7.0 2018

The download link for older versions was not added because users are currently experiencing issues with older versions. This is why I would recommend that you only use the latest version. We added the link to the latest version of 2019.

You can download it from the section above. If you want the link to the old versions to appear, make a comment below I will provide you with certainty.

1. FRP bypass lock without OTG cable

With this method, you will also need a Windows PC to unlock and ignore the Google FRP screen. Follow the steps below and bypass the Google FRP screen:

  • Download the Samsung Sidesync App on your device ( Windows our ).
  • Once done, click on the application and let it install on your PC.
  • Once installed, launch this application on your PC.
  • Now connect your phone to your Windows PC using a USB cable.
  • After that, you need to download the FRP Bypass APK .
  • Return to the previous page and access the Samsung apps installed on your device.
  • Your device may ask you to install Samsung Sidesync, but do not install it.
  • Download and install File Explorer on your device.
  • Once installed, go to Settings> Backup> Reset.
  • Click on it and it will delete everything from your device.
  • You can now access your device.

2. Ignore the Google FRP screen using the FRP hacking tool

  • Download the FRP Hijacker tool for your Samsung device.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your device to a Windows PC.
  • Now you will see a scanning option on your screen.
  • Choose this option and click on the “COMPORT” option.
  • Now allow USB debugging on your device and launch the Operation ADB tab.
  • Press the Delete FRP button to allow your PC to detect your device.
  • Click the Factory Reset option to remove the FRP screen.
  • Restart your device and this time you will not see any FRP screen on your device.

3. Realterm Samsung Bypass Trick to bypass the FRP screen

In this method, you have to downgrade the Android version of your device to bypass the FRP screen. Remember that if your device is running Marshmallow, you don’t need to downgrade it.

Here is the step-by-step guide to bypass the Google FRP screen using the Realterm Samsung Bypass Trick:

  • Insert your SIM card into your Samsung phone.
  • Download and install FRP Bypass Apk on your Samsung device.
  • Download the Realterm tool on your PC.
  • Launch the application on your PC and locate the port number of your device.
  • Go to Manage> Device Manager> Modems.
  • From there, open the Samsung Mobile USB Modem tab.
  • Now launch the Properties tab of the Samsung modem and write down the port number from there.
  • Launch the Realterm program settings on your PC.
  • Paste the port number here and press the Change button.
  • Now go to the display settings and do the same thing here.
  • Launch the Send tab and paste the text “ at + creg? \ R \ n ” into it.
  • Type “ atd1234; \ r \ n ” and choose the Send ASCII option.
  • Do this until you see a numeric keypad on your Samsung device.

4. Skip the Google FRP screen on a Samsung device

Bypassing the Google FRP screen on a Samsung device is very simple. All you need is a Windows PC and an OTG cable. Here are the steps to bypass the FRP screen on a Samsung device:

  • Download the Samsung FRP Apk settings .
  • Once downloaded, locate the apk file and click on it.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Once done, launch this app on your device.
  • Once you have this app on your device, this will allow you to access your device’s settings menu.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Backup option and click on it.
  • On the next screen, click the Factory Reset option.
  • This will delete all of your data with the Google account.
  • Now restart your device and it’s done.
  • This time, you don’t need to get confused with the FRP screen.

Downgrade your Android version to unlock your Android device

Aren’t you able to unlock your device even after trying the previously shared methods? If so, don’t worry, we still have a method that works perfectly.

If you are unable to unlock your device even after trying the above shared methods, the only thing to do is to downgrade your Android device version.

The best thing about this method is that it works like a charm on almost all devices. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try that and see what happens next. Here are the steps to downgrade your device version:

  1. Look for a custom ROM available on the Internet.
  2. Custom ROMs are third-party versions of Android built and shared by third parties.
  3. All you have to do is simply install this custom ROM on your device.
  4. Once done, your phone will be unlocked.

Important note on bypassing the FRP:

If you have Android Android Marshmallow 6.0 or later version on your phone and you are unable to bypass FRP lock with FRP Apk bypass, you should try to downgrade your phone. After downgrading the Android version, you can use the above application.

The method works with devices with Android 5.0 and with some devices with Android 6.0.
If you don’t want to downgrade your phone, you can go to any local mobile software store. They will do the job at a good price in a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Frp Bypass apk 2019 work on all devices?

Answer: Yes, it works on almost all Android devices available on the market.

2. Is this application secure?

Answer: Yes, it is 100% secure. This application is 100% free from all types of viruses and malware. Millions of users around the world endorse it.

3. How many methods are available to bypass FRP locking outside of all of these?

Answer: There are hundreds of methods you can use to bypass the FRP lock screen. The only thing to keep in mind is that not all methods will work on the same device.

4. Is this app available on the Google Play Store?

Answer: No, the FRP Bypass application is not available on the Google Play Store.

5. How does this application work?

Answer: Once you have installed this app on your device, it erases everything from your device. Simply put, it resets your device.


Above, we’ve shared the download link of the best app to bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock in your device. You can download the app and then use it to unlock your Android phone.

Best GIMP Plugins for Online Image Editing

GIMP is one of the best online image editing services, but without the GIMP plugins, you cannot use its advanced features. These plugins are usually written in Python and you can install them all in seconds.

Best GIMP Plugins for Online Image Editing
Best GIMP Plugins for Online Image Editing

But before you start downloading them, make sure you’ve downloaded GIMP Python support to your device. So, without wasting time, let’s start exploring the best GIMP plugins and GIMP add-ons that you can use for free.

Best GIMP Plugins for Online Image Editing


Do you have multiple images to edit, but don’t have time to do it? If yes, then BIMP is a remedy for you. It allows you to upload multiple images to GIMP that you can edit one by one or one by one using the simple and effective features of GIMP plugins. You can crop, resize, rotate, rename and correct images using BIMP.

In addition to that, it also allows you to add watermarks to your images. Another cool feature is that you can view your images in the sidebar before saving them.

2. Beautify

Beautify is another amazing GIMP plugin in 2019 that allows you to add multiple effects to your images. With the help of Beautify, you can turn GIMP software into a photo editing studio. It has a fairly simple and clean interface which makes it even easier to use. The best part is that you can convert your images completely using this software.

You can add amazing filters to your images and make them look better than before adding filters. It contains a large list of effects and filters that you can add to your images.

3. Layer Via Copy / Cut

Layer Via Copy / Cut is one of the best GIMP plugins that add Photoshop functionality to your GIMP. It allows you to cut and edit specific parts of an image. In addition to this, you can also create new layers using this GIMP plugin.

In addition to that, you can add different filters to different layers to help you edit certain parts of a particular image. Once this plugin is installed, you can start accessing it from the Layers menu located in the upper left corner.

4. LensFun

LensFun is another amazing GIMP plugin window that allows you to correct lens distortion in your images. It detects and reads Exif data from your image, then lets you reconstruct the lens distortion of your images. The interface is quite simple, clean and easy to use, even an occasional user can use it without any problem.

Once this plugin is installed, you can start accessing it from the Filters option located in the upper corner.

5. Refocus

Have you clicked on an amazing image, but it looks blurry? If so, refocusing can be a remedy for this problem. With the help of Refocus, you can correct any errors and blurring that occurred while taking an image. The best part is that it has a preview option which allows you to take a look at the images before saving the changes.

Install these plugins and use GIMP online to edit photos, apply effects, filters, etc.

Final words

That’s all! These are the best GIMP plugins that you can use to have advanced GIMP features. I hope this article will help you make your editing work easier and better than before.