Fifa 20 Keyboard Setting And Game Pad Settings

Before I switched to the Fifa 20 keyboard settings, I wanted to make a small reminder. Fifa 20 seems to be a great feature. As you know, the defense will not be any momentum.

Fifa 20 Keyboard Setting and Game Pad Settings

If you are having problems with the Fifa 20 keyboard setting, you can first reset the key settings by deleting the file, ProfileOptions, and ProfileOptions_profile files that start with Settings in Documents \ FIFA 20 \ settings. (NOTE: backup these three files before deleting.)

Fifa 20 Keyboard Setting and Game Pad Settings

To access the key settings, you can access the settings from

W: Cross pass

A: Overclocking/medium/heading

D: Shot/volley/header

S: Short pass/header

Q: Player run/editor

E: Sprint

Shift: hard shots + ball storage

You adjust the keyboard settings according to you.

Fifa 20 Game Pad Settings


  • Moving the Player Left Analogue / Stick
  • First Touch / Hit Impact R2 + Right Stick / Analogue
  • Speed ​​Run R2 (hold)
  • Stop and Hunt Target Left Stick / Analogue (tap) + L1
  • Protect Ball / Slow dribble / Jockey L2 (hold)
  • Stopping and continuing dribbling (face-up driblings ..) L2 + R2 Performing
  • skill moves RS (Right Stick)
  • Standing the ball LS (Left Analog) + R2
EN Slow Slow Dribble (11v11 only) L2 + R2 + L
New styrofoam dribble L1 + L
NEW Strafe Dribble (key face angle) L1 + R1 + L
NEW Simple Skill Moves (VOLTA) L1 + R1 + L
NEW Simple Movements (VOLTA) R3 + L + Direction
NEW Taunt (VOLTA) L + no direction + L1 (hold) + R2 (hold)


Short Pass / Head X
Air Pass / Medium / Head
Long Pass
Shoot / Vole / Head O
Advancing the player who was on the trigger L1
Chip smash L1 + O
Smash shot R1 + O
Fake smash O then X
Fake move + X
Careful stand in dribbling R2 + L2 + any direction
Stand Hard L2
Long rust than air L1 +
Top opening medium R1 +
Low ground from the ground (double tap)
Hard ground from the ground (tap three times)
Early medium L1 +
Finesse pass R1 (hold down )
Cancel L2 + R2
Finesse Pass R1 + X
Flair Pass L2 (hold) + X
Flair Smash L2 (hold) + O Pass and
advance R1 + X


Player Switching (automatically) L1
Player Switching (manually us) RS (right stick)
Taking / Pushing or Pulling the Ball from the Foot (in combat) O
Pushing and holding (in combat) O (hold)
Swiping the Ball ■ Pulling
Jockey L2 (hold)
Print X (hold)
Dual Print R1 (hold)
Running Jockey L2 + R2
Quick intervention ■
Fake ball stealing intervention X Tap


Short Pass X
Long Pass / Crossing ■
Curved Shot O
Hard Shot L1 + O
Jump in the Dam (in defense) ▲
Displacement in the
Dam (in the defense) X Dam Play L2 / R2
Blending in the Dam R1
Summon the Second Shooter L2
Shoot with the Second Shooter L2 + O
Second Shooter with Near Pass L2 + X
Second Shooter with Middle L2 + ■
Second Shooter with Top
Shot Smash L2 + O, X Third Shooter Call R1
Third Shooter with Shoot R1 + O
Third Shooter with Shoot Over R1 + O, X


Corner Medium ■
Corner Low Medium ■ (double tap)
Corner Ground Hard Medium ■ (tap three times)
Corner Crossing Rust X
Crown Short Throw Pass X
Crown Short Throw (manual) ▲
Long Range Crown ■
Replacing the crown shooter L1


Offside Tactic ↑, ↑
Team Press ↑, ↓
Wing Change ↑, ←
Added Stoppers to Attack ↑, →
Change Mentality (Team Defense, Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Charge, Ultra Charge, Team Charge) ← or →

Choosing Goalkeeper (Single game) / Changing Camera Angle in Pro Club – Touch Interface (Touch Pad)


  • LS, L3 = Left Analog (left stick)
  • RS, R3 = Right Anolog (right stick)

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